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April 12th 2021

Fishing Charter in Cannes is the most amazing way to live your dream you have been eager to turn into reality. While there are many top destinations for sport fishing or deep-sea fishing on the French Riviera, Cannes is the only one a lot of ardent fishing aficionados have been zeroing in on.

If you are looking to add fishing in Cannes to your list of golden memories, settle for no less than Yachting Fishing Specialist – a leading fishing charter service in Cannes, which has consistently been catering to the diverse fishing needs of the clients since 1991.

You can check our different fishing options directly on our webpage -> Image

Having been an inseparable part of the fishing industry for over the last two decades, we pride ourselves on attaining an everlasting reputation for excellence. Professionalism and dedication is what is leading our business.

Offering a multitude of recreational fishing activities, we place greater emphasis on ensuring that all our clients’ needs are fulfilled.

Discover big game fishing from the city of Cannes onboard our Riviera 63 or Rodman 41!

Credit: Guillaume BENOIT (YFS Team)
Credit: Guillaume BENOIT (YFS Team)

From the city of Cannes, you can enjoy big game fishing onboard our fishing charters.


As a trusted fishing charter service provider in a terrific city located on the French Riviera, we know that anybody coming to Cannes would like to get hands-on experience of sport fishing. That’s where our highly effective role comes in. To make your fishing expedition truly worthy of your memories, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you meet your fishing needs. That’s why we make sure our every boat is equipped with:

  • Professional Captains
  • Professional Fishing Guides
  • Superior Quality Fishing Equipment and other Gear
  • Snacks and Soft Drinks

Whether you have a half-day or full-day in mind, you can charter our fully equipped boat for a fishing journey of a lifetime. There are a lot of exciting species you can target, like amberjacks, swordfish, mahi-mahi, bluefin tunas, and much more.

At YFS (Yachting Fishing Specialist), we offer bespoke solutions that allow you to benefit immensely from your day of sport fishing. We are the specialists in big game fishing that has been surviving the cut-throat competition for around 30 years. We understand your motive behind fishing i.e. to escape from the mundane city life laden with hustle and bustle. As long as you put your trust in the best there is - Yachting Fishing Specialist – we will make your fishing experience – a memorable affair you cannot help but treasure it for years.

Offshore and Deep Sea Fishing from the city of Cannes


If you are looking to practice offshore fishing, you are the privileged to target various species of fish available in countless quantities in the French waters. Some of the main species you can look forward to targeting consist of albacore tuna, swordfish, spearfish, dolphin fish, and bluefin tuna.

The techniques that we will practice during the process on your fishing journey are likely casting, jigging, and trolling. We always ensure that we’re trolling with no less than 7 fishing rods. While out at sea for that much-awaited catch, our expert team always ensure that they’re equipped with the finest fishing kit available on the market.

At Yachting Fishing Specialist, we understand how crucial it is to provide unequalled service to our clients, and that’s the reason why have gained a strong foothold in the market.

If pelagics are what you are looking to target, trolling, jigging and casting are the techniques to consider. Using these techniques will work in your favor, as you can also hunt for Bluefin tunas.

While deep-sea fishing, get up close and personal with marine mammals, moons fish, and the Mediterranean fauna at the pelagos sanctuary.

Inshore Fishing from Cannes


Having a fondness for the sea? If so, it is the right time to consider inshore fishing – the best way not to get seasick. Our competent and knowledgeable team will offer you an experience of a lifetime. That’s why we are the best of the best in the fishing industry in Cannes.

It is vital for you to know that inshore fishery is divided into different categories, including bottom fishing, trolling or live bait fishing.

It is evident to target numerous fish species – mackerel, bluefin tuna, spearfish, amberjack, and bonito...

For us at Yachting Fishing Specialist, live bait fishing and bottom fishing are the excellent options if you are looking to have a great time or if you want to land your catch targeting different kinds of species. According to the fishing activity, we do everything in our power to help you meet your fishing goals.

Are you a novice? Or an experienced angler is what you are? No matter the reason, you will have the unmatched fishing gear available on the market to make your fishing activity seem like an easy victory.

Fishing Season in Cannes

If practicing sport fishing is what you have in mind, then the season from March to June is the best to get hands-on experience of this type of fishing. At the same time, you will make the most of drifting, casting, trolling, deep-sea fishing, vertical fishing, or live bait fishing.

We can offer you a tailored package depending on your request. However, it depends on the off-shore activity.

You can check the species season directly on our web line -> Image

Night Fishing in Cannes

When fishing at night, you can look forward to targeting three main species of fish, such as sharks, bluefin tunas, and swordfish xiphias.

We can assure you of the best atmosphere and thrilling sensations when you are out at sea during hours of darkness.

From April to September, you can find a large number of adult squid all over the coast of the French Riviera. The practice of fishing at night makes it possible for anglers like you to aim at other species of fish, including barracudas, amberjacks, Spanish mackerel, pelamids, etc.

If you have never tried night fishing, Cannes is the place worth a visit. Our fleet of boats for night fishing comes equipped with the right gear you need for night fishing.

Discover more about night fishing by clicking on the following link or on the image below -> Image

Fishing in Summer and Spring from the city of Cannes

Are you seeking out an awe-inspiring adventure? If so, then we can guarantee you the ultimate mind-blowing sensation that will make you fall in love with the best fishing spots in Cannes.

If you are looking to indulge in deep-sea fishing and trolling, then the period from June to September is the one you should consider.

The large pelagic fish migration will allow you to make the most of some terrific moments when fishing off-shore.

When on land, you are more likely to target different species of fish (of course, it depends on the activity).

Fishing in Autumn from the city of Cannes

Here comes one of our most admired seasons.

In the waters of the French Riviera, you can look forward to targeting (from September to November) almost all the fish species in the Mediterranean Sea.

Fishing in Winter from the city of Cannes

The coldest season of the year – from December to March – is perfect for targeting benthic species in coastal fishing.

However, we DON’T recommend this season if you are looking for deep-sea fishing.

Benefits of hiring our Boats Fishing Charters from the city of Cannes

Hiring a fishing charter service from Yachting Fishing Specialist (YFS) will be the smartest move you can make. If this is your first time hiring a fishing charter in Cannes, you are going to have the time of your life. Listed below are some of the most significant benefits you get when you hire a reliable fishing charter service. These include:

  1. Ease off Stress
  2. It is one of the biggest benefits of going fishing. No matter you’re worried or feeling stressed about anything, it will help you ease off stress in you. Fishing is a very comforting experience that will make you feel rejuvenated throughout. Also, you can look forward to having fun with others with the same mindset.

  3. Smooth Movements
  4. A fishing charter cannot be moved by strong waves or overturn easily. Being wide and spacious, everyone aboard the boat will find it comfortable to move around. If you are looking to the most amazing fishing experience, consider hiring one.

  5. Well-Equipped
  6. The majority of fishing charters out there come completely equipped with everything and anything needed to make your fishing experience an unforgettable affair. There are fishing rods, nets, and other gear that are needed for your perfect fishing expedition. That way, it saves you the inconvenience of buying your own fishing equipment and carrying them around unnecessarily.

  7. Know the Good Spots
  8. Going fishing on your own? If that’s the case, odds are you would not know about the ideal spots to catch that big fish you have been willing. A professional fishing charter service provider is well aware of all those good spots where you can target different species of fish.

  9. Learn a Thing or Two
  10. There’s a great chance that you are going to learn some crucial things about fishing you might not be aware of. You may learn various techniques of fishing or about species of fish that were out of your reach. Either way, you are going to learn something that will fascinate you deep inside.

  11. Relax
  12. When you are fishing on your own, there are a lot of things you will be worried about. But this is not the case when you are opting for a trusted fishing charter service. Professionals take care of everything and make it work to your advantage. So, you just need to lighten up and have fun with your family members or friends and (obviously) catching some fish.

Choosing a professional fishing charter in Cannes is the best decision you will make. You will not have to feel anxious about anything as experts will already have everything taken care of.

Yachting Industry in Cannes


The Cannes Yachting Festival (formerly known as the Cannes Boat Show) has consistently been taking place every September over the past four decades. It was the year 1977 when one of the largest in-water events in Europe was held in plush, elegant surroundings in the pristine bay of Cannes.

More than 580 boats, as well as yachts in the water as well as on land, will be on display in the Port Pierre Canto and Vieux Port. In fact, the 6-day festival is likely to expect the presence of more than 400 exhibitors.

The organisers of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2020 have validated that the most spectacular show of this year will proceed as planned from September 8-13. The top leaders in the yachting industry in the world will be present at the festival to commence the show season by showcasing some of their top-notch models.

You don’t want to miss the peak of an extravagant lifestyle, cuisine, and entertainment, which will be set against the sparkling beauty of the French Riviera. Truly a magnificent sight to behold!

If you want more info about the yachting industry in Cannes, you can check ->

Things You Should Not Miss in Cannes

Cannes – one of the finest cities of the French Riviera – is not only a busy destination enticing many tourists from all around the world but it’s also a host to innumerable shows and festivals as well. Also, this gleaming city is renowned for its fancy restaurants, lavish stores, and swanky hotels, including Majestic, Martinez, and the Carlton.

You will find all the information bellow on the official website of the city ->

Listed below are some of the best things to see and do that you cannot afford to overlook.

  • Take a stroll down the La Croisette – one of the most famous streets in Cannes
  • Head to Marché Forville if you’re looking to give a try to local produce (meats, olives, seafood, and a lot more)
  • Visit Îles de Lerins – consisting of two islands – St-Honorat and Ste-Marguerite.
  • Don’t miss the Palais de festival – home to a plethora of shows as well as festivals, which include the famous Cannes Film Festival.
  • Thinking Cannes is all about flamboyance? Then why not visit Le Suquet - the old quarter. Experience the old world charm in its tiny cobbled streets.
  • In the mood to try your luck during your Cannes trip? Pay a visit to Casino Barrière Les Princes. It has a restaurant and bars too.
  • Fond of history? Cruising over to the 17th century built Fort Royal on Île Sainte-Marguerite to witness its magnificence is a great idea.
  • Absorb the invigorating sea breeze while meandering along the quays.
  • Pay a visit to the Musée de la Castre for several great artefacts, such as masks, artwork and antiques hailing from five continents.

Boasting of its chic reputation and pleasing climate, Cannes is really the place to be. This sparkling city, which is located on the French Riviera, has a multitude of exciting cultural attractions and great places where you can unwind.

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