Fishing Charter in Corsica

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Offers available on a 3 to 7 fishing day basis.

Are you looking for a unique fishing experience in Corsica, Sardegna, Greece or Croatia?
The YFS team sets up a VIP fishing service to meet the demand of the most demanding customers!
Embark on an entirely tailor-made adventure!

The fishing techniques practiced during our fishing cruises in the Mediterranean are as follows:

  • Live Bait Fishing - One of the most successful fishing technique in Corsica. Bluefin tunas, amberjacks and snapers are the main species you can target in Corsica.

  • Trolling - This is a preferred technique due to the fact it allows you to fish a wide array of species. Trolling on your way to Corsica is a great way to optimise your fishing trip.

  • Casting - Depending the season, casting on bluefin tunas is very exciting. If you like intense fights you will love this fishing technique.

  • Jigging - In Corsica, jigging allow you to target a great amount of species.

Our VIP Fishing Service Includes:

  • - Professional Fishing Charter
    - Professional Fishing Guide
    - Fishing Equipment (high quality Shimano items)
    - Certified Professional Skipper
    - Snacks and drinks (soft drinks only)
    - Baits

We provide:

  • ✓ More than 7 trolling fishing rods
    ✓ Up to 4 casting rods
    ✓ And 2 jigging rods
    ✓ The best fishing lures are also used for maximizing the catch
    ✓ All the equipment for landing the fish on the boat

By using our knowledges you will be able to fish in multiple ways and spots.

Fishing Trip to Corsica - YFS Program

From Monaco, Cannes, Antibes and Saint Tropez ... Join the best fishing spots in Corsica.

  1. 1

    Day 1

    Departure early in the morning, crossing during the day. During this day, we will troll and launch to target bluefin tuna, May-May, swordfish and spearfish.

  2. 2

    Day 2

    Crystal clear waters, rocky bottoms and an extraordinary quantity of fish await you on our fishing grounds.

  3. 3

    Day 3

    At the beginning of the sport fishing activities. Live bait fishing, slow trolling, vertical fishing or deep sea trolling. We will adapt our fishing techniques according to your objectives.

  4. 4

    Day 4

    According to the results of the previous days, why not try a new fishing technique? Tenya, Kabura, Madai... In Corsica, vertical fishing is an experience not to be missed!

  5. 5

    Day 5

    Departure at dawn and return to the "French Riviera". Deep sea fishing session on the way back. Trolling, spinning, jigging. Arrival at the marina in the afternoon, end of the trip.


*Non contractual documents and information: The program, the route, and the boats can be different according to the wishes of the clients, the availability and the weather conditions.

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