Fishing Boat Charters available in the Seychelles


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Fishing Boat Charters available in the Seychelles - By YFS

The Seychelles islands are much more than sun, sea and sand. With stunning flora and crystal-clear waters, the Seychelles is an archipelago of 100-plus islands that is heaven to explore. The Seychelles are a unique destination for exceptional fish! Fishing in the Seychelles is just one thing you should try one time in your life. All the species of the Indian Ocean are present in the Seychelles. No matter if you are looking for popping, jigging, casting, trolling or live bait fishing...

Located at more 8000 km from France, the Seychelles Islands form an archipelago of 115 islands spread out over 400 000 km2.

Why should you rent a Fishing Boat Charter in Seychelles?

As we said, no matter if you want to practice jigging, popper or trolling. Almost 50 % of the Seychelles' territory is made up of natural reservations allowing you to have incredible fishing results. Our fishing packages will allow you to face a large amount of fish.

Giant Trevally, dogtooth tuna, giant kingfish, groupers, yellowfins tunas, sailfish and marlins are a small selection of the species you can fish in Seychelles. Our team provide different fishing packages in the Seychelles. We provide «catamarans fishing trips» and «lodge formula fishing trips».

Both options are offering our clients all the best fishing services. Providing the ideal fishing boat is part of the game. We care about all the details that will make your dreams becoming a reality.

If you want to discover all the fishing solution we are offering in the Seychelles, please check our website. You will find several fishing charters matching your requests.

Which Fishing Boat Charter should you rent in Seychelles?

The most important thing to remember when defining a big sport fishing boat is that it should be adapted to the fishing technique you are looking for. It also requires an expert crew to assist, a seaworthy boat and the best suited equipment for big game fishing to get it done properly.

The most important thing you need to have on your boat is the right pieces of equipment down to the exact size of the hook, the type of line, the live baits, poppers, jigs or anything that your boat can handle. Selecting the best guide or captain is the most important element. Our team will happily provide that for you as all of our team members are highly experienced anglers. They know how to find the fish and offer you to live the experience of a lifetime. Our team members go out to assist guest big game fishers all the time and our guides/captains know their boats and the fishing grounds of Seychelles all too well. If you want to use your own fishing tackles that's not a problem. They will advise you to bring the correct type of gear based on the type of fishing you want to practice. We have been in this business for years and our experience and expertise helps us understand what exactly is matching your expectations. We provide custom packages because we understand what fishermen are looking for. Everyone has different preferences and we can alter our packages according to customer preferences.

Sport Fishing Charters available in the Seychelles

Finding a great fishing boat in the Seychelles is not that easy. As you know, fishing is not only about getting the best boat. It is also about getting the right crew! Seychelles at this time offers around 200 boats for fishing charters and other maritime activities. But none of all those fishing boats will ensure you the perfect journey. Our team understands that fact and has prepared a precise list of the best fishing boats available for you in Seychelles. All our fishing boats offer all the fishing equipment you must-have for enjoying a half-day or a full day of your big game fishing expedition.

Keep reading to check the entire list prepared by our team of experienced anglers.

Sport Fishing Boston Whaler Dauntless 270
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 8.3m --- Year 2015 --- Max speed 25 knots --- Fishing Capacity 5 fishermen

At every turn, the 270 Dauntless is the epitome of capability and comfort. The Boston Whaler 270 is available from Mahé, Praslin, La Digue. A good size for a group of 4 anglers who want to check around the fishing activity or go for a run for big game fishing. Comfort and ease start in the bow and continue throughout with stylish finishes, accessories and options to ensure you are prepared for any adventure.

Sport Fishing Cabo 32 Express
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 9.8m --- Year 2016 --- Max speed 32 knots --- Fishing Capacity 6 fishermen

Designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design, the 32 Express has precise weight distribution, which translates to a remarkably soft and dry ride. The 35-knot performance of the 32 Express is bound to impress the most discerning boat buyer looking for a performance sport fishermen in a compact and easy to handle package. The Cabo 32 provides all the points that many traditionalists want in a boat: small, agile and absolutely seaworthy.

Available all around the « Interior Islands». Discover incredible fishing action around Praslin, La Digue, Mahé. The Cabo 32 Express is a big 32 with an LOA of 35', a beam of 13' 3" and a draft of 2' 8". It has a displacement of approximately 8682kg and carries 1323lt of fuel and 190lt of freshwater. The cockpit will satisfy a tournament angler with its non-skid sole, large live-well, outward-opening transom door, under-floor fish boxes, icebox and bait-prep/tackle centre just to name a few of the highlights. The perfect solution if you are looking for serious big game fishing out of the blue!

We recommend that boat for all anglers who are looking to target big pelagics. The sportfishing Cabo 32 can also be a great option for anglers who want to go jigging for a full day! Deep-sea fishing is one of the most exhilarating experiences to try in Seychelles. Nowhere else will you find as many varieties of fish as you will in the archipelago. Seychelles is not only famous for acrobatic billfish such as the marlin and sailfish. There are many other species ready to be hooked; dorado, wahoo, roosterfish, yellowtail, dogtooth tunas, yellowfin tunas, giant trevally. If you are looking for big game fishing in Seychelles, we highly recommend you to try the Cabo 32 Express.

Sport Fishing Seafox 32’
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 9.8m --- Year 2010 --- Max speed 26 knots --- Fishing Capacity 5 fishermen

Although it is not the ideal boat for casting and popping because it is relatively difficult to be able to cast from the front of the boat. Nevertheless, it is a great boat for the price, it will get you to and back from the fishing grounds safely and has a decent speed. It is a great option for a family fishing expedition, it allows fishing smoothly when it is calm.

The Sea Fox 32' has built a truly impressive offshore angling machine with. That boat is for us one of the most efficient available on the market. Fully new and specially designed for big game fishing, this boat is the perfect solution if you are looking for jigging around the islands.

Sport Fishing Boston Whaler 370 Outrage
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 11.25m --- Year 2014 --- Max speed 26 knots --- Fishing Capacity 8 fishermen

Beneath the lounge, there is ample storage space for keeping equipment and for all the stuff that seems to end up on the deck with nowhere to go. It is great for popping and jigging as it has an open front and casting from the front is safe. The ride is surprisingly dry for such an open console. Catches up to maximum speed almost instantly, makes popping, jigging and trolling a lot of fun for experienced anglers.

Sport Fishing Charter Cabo 45 Express
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 14.50m --- Year 2006 --- Max speed 24 knots --- Fishing Capacity 8 fishermen

Since it is larger than the Sportfishing Cabo 32, casting from the front of the deck is a good option if the weather isn't too windy. Can overtake large waves easily and provides a smooth ride, seaworthy boat with a good speed to chase the game fish around with. Allows trolling, jigging, popping and casting from the console as it is considerably steadier than other boats. Storage cabinet on the Cabo is extremely spacey too. Has a built- in vacuum system which makes cleaning the boat easier. It has a see-through Lucite in the front which allows you to spot your bait when it comes.

Sport fishing Charter Riviera 45
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 14.20m --- Year 2016 --- Max speed 25 knots --- Fishing Capacity 8 fishermen

Cruising at 28 knots with a top speed of 30, our Riviera 45 never disappoints our clients ! We provide the highest quality fishing gear on the market and offers you the ultimate fishing experience. Yacht can accommodate up to 6 passengers in her 3 elegant cabins and brings class and comfort to sport fishing holiday in the Seychelles.

Sport Fishing Charter Maritimo 51
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 17.00m --- Year 2008 --- Max speed 28 knots --- Fishing Capacity 10 fishermen

A two stateroom yacht, the Maritimo 51' is a spacey, luxurious game fishing boat. With the much added functionality of an enclosed flying bridge, a staircase ensures a safe transition from the flying bridge to the main deck. Added view of the balcony is perfect for family members to hang out when taking a break from all the fishing. Well equipped with amenities like fridge, showers, salon space, separate social areas, etc. can reach top speed for chasing game fish in under 10 seconds. Perfect for popping, live bait fishing, jigging and long cruising.

Sport Fishing Charter Heesen 70
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 18.92m --- Year 2011 --- Max speed 24 knots --- Fishing Capacity 10 fishermen

Unlike many large yachts, the Heesen is built with keeping big game fishing in mind. So in addition to being able to accommodate around 10 people, the boat also refuels and recharges for sport fishing. With floor to ceiling windows and luxurious furniture finish, the superyacht is made for people of the highest taste in luxury with a passion for sport fishing.

Sport Fishing Charter Riviera 63
available for charter in Seychelles Islands


Size 20.33m --- Year 2013 --- Max speed 24 knots --- Fishing Capacity 12 fishermen

Packed with a whole lot of new features, the Riviera 63' also has high levels of customization. Available as both open and closed models, the boat is excellent for big game fishing as well as a day of leisure sailing out in the ocean. Accommodates 20 rod holders in total, 4 in the coamings, 6 in a secondary rocket launched situated between the upper and lower levels of the cockpit and another 10 in the rocket launcher at the back of the flybridge. Other features dedicated to sport fishing are an undersole insulated fish bin that is connected to an icemaker that automatically fills the bin when it is turned on, centrally mounted live bait tank fixed on the boarding platform, a pull out tackle-tray locker, a large freezer and a removable pushpit with a bait station.

Renting a Sport Fishing Charter in Seychelles from a Lodge or a Hotel?

Combining those kind of fishing boats will allow to create the perfect fishing package for enjoying recreational fishing in the Seychelles. Yachts allow you to indulge in deep sea fishing. Using a fishing lodges will allow you travelling with your family or your friends. You will be able to practice big game fishing as soon as you want to! Combining yacht with fishing lodges is one of the best option to include in your fishing expedition. Some clients want to choose the catamarans fishing packages, others prefer enjoying the confort of a fishing lodge. It all depends about what you are looking for.

We also provide custom packages in which you can easily combine a catamaran fishing expedition using a fishing lodge formula. That's a perfect solution if you want to discover our catamarans fishing packages on a small amount of time. We provide some equipment on our yacht/catamarans for our guests to use, others you can bring on your own. Our team members are all experienced and expert anglers that will help you with various methods of big game fishing like jigging, popping, slow jigging, trolling, live bait fishing for ease of assistance.


Finding the Right Fishing Charter in Seychelles is a matter of logistic


The Seychelles Islands can be divided into five big categories. The Interior Islands, the Amirantes, the Austral Group, Farquhar and Albadra. It's possible to practice sport fishing all around those spots but you have to understand one thing: «Logistic is the key point». Our team can provide all the fishing services you are looking for in the Seychelles, but costs and expenses are directly impacted by logistic.

Boat Fishing Charter available for the Interior Islands in the Seychelles

Composed of Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Frégate, Denis and Bird. Those islands are a best seller for all fishermen that want to combine holidays and fishing. In that part of the Seychelles, is really easy to organise big game fishing for one day or several days. Our team can propose a large selection of sportfishing boat all around the Interior Islands. It's also possible to organise « catamaran expedition trips» for all the people who want to optimise the fishing time and who are looking to do something different! You can take time and roam around the inner islands and witness how we live here in the Seychelles.

The beauty of the islands is also something one should take time to explore besides, course, going out in the ocean to catch the biggest fish you’ve caught in your life. The inner islands of Seychelles are overwhelmingly gigantic and absolutely pleasurable to roam around on. The biggest island being MahĂ©, which is also the capital of Seychelles, is the main centre of attraction where we are based as well ! Not only are they the centre of the Seychelles' industrial activity, but the inner islands are also a tourist centre. One can say the inner islands also accommodate most of the entire population of Seychelles. There are a total of 43 inner islands- 2 coralline and the rest 41 larger islands.

Boat Fishing Charter available for going to the Amirantes in the Seychelles

Probably one of the best fishing place around the world! The Amirantes Islands have one incredible reputation when we speak about big game fishing. The Amirantes Islands are located more than 200km from the Island of Mahé (that is the capital). As a matter of fact, logistic is not easy to organise and costs are quite expensive.

There are two ways for renting your fishing charter in the Amirantes:

Fishing with a sport fishing boat that gonna stay parked in front the «Four Season of Desroche» or going fishing with a «catamaran».Choosing to use a «sport fishing boat» such as a Riviera 45 or Riviera 62 is without doubt one of the best option if you are looking for comfort and luxury. You or your family will be able to enjoy one of the best service providers in the Seychelles while being able to go fishing every day. If you choose to go fishing to the Amirantes using our catamaran expeditions, you can be sure that you will leave something unique. The Amirantes group of island is located south-west of the shallow water, extensive Seychelles bank in the western Indian ocean. It consists of carbonate island and islets that extend over approximately 152km in the south. It is one of the most underpopulated areas of the archipelago. There are a lot of virgin fishing grounds where big game fishing can be super fun.

Sailfish, marlins, swordfish, mahi-mahi, dogtooth tunas, giant trevally, groupers, sharks and others can be easily found here. To the other parts of the world, the Blue and Black Marlin are quite rare but not for us ! We ensure the preservation of the species of fish along with allowing monitored game fishing. This is what keeps these fishing grounds rich all year round every year. If you want to read more details about the fishing in the Amirantes, please check our blog article about « Sport Fishing in the Amirantes Seychelles ».

Boat Fishing Charter for going to Coetivy Islands in Seychelles

Here we are speaking about the «southern coral group» of the Seychelles. They are composed of Platte and Coetivy. A great fishing spot where we can organize expeditions on catamarans or sport fishing yachts! The « Austral Group» is completely lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and as a matter of fact, you can only go there from the sea.

The interior of the lagoon has particularly deep water going as deep as 25m on 90kmÂČ. But the area around Platte atoll has fabulous opportunities for big game fishing. When we reach Platte on a catamaran, the fishing grounds become more and more interesting. The usually spotted dolphin-dolphins and bonitos on the granite plateau leave plenty room for Dogtooth Tunas, Giant Trevally, YellowTunas, Marlins, Sailfish and many more. These fish can be found in abundance here because they prefer the temperature of the water surround the group of islands and migrate here every year. Not only does the Seychelles islands monitor big game fishing, but we also make sure that these species of precious, rare and beautiful fish are preserved.

Boat Fishing Charter for going to Farquhar and Albadra in Seychelles Islands

Imagine miles and miles of reefs and shoals. Farquhar is an archipelago at the end of the world where everything is possible. A top location for organizing big game fishing. Farquhar is located more than a kilometer from Mahé. Due to its location, only motor yachts or catamaran will allow you access to that area. One of the most virgin fishing spot around the world! The Farquhar group of islands, like the Austral group, is also a part of the Outer Islands of Seychelles. The Farquhar and Albadra group of islands are very peculiar because they have fully submerged in and emerged from the ocean multiple times over a period of tens of thousands of years.

The outer islands make for very rich big game fishing grounds with species like the trophy worthy sailfish, marlins, swordfish and other sought after game fishes available in the water. Taking your yacht or catamaran out on the Farquhar and Albadra islands can result in a lot of fun times spent catching game fish. It also provides you with the opportunity to see the beauty of Seychelles that is beyond the land and people of the islands. Rare varieties of marvelous, beautiful fish thrive in the waters surrounding the archipelago.

Conclusion About Sport Fishing Charters available in Seychelles Islands

We do provide several fishing solutions in the Seychelles. According to your fishing objectives, we will provide you the best products available on the market. Remember, logistic is the point. If you are looking for extreme comfort all around the Seychelles, we do provide catamarans fishing expeditions. Those expeditions allow to join virgin fishing spots. They are a new way of practicing sport fishing in the Seychelles. We do provide all types of services with the best boats available on the market.


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