Yacht Fishing Charter Seychelles

Discover your program at Amirantes in the greatest fishing and accommodation conditions. With YFS, browse one of the best fishing areas in the world aboard superb yachts! The perfect combination of nature and comfort.

  1. 1

    Day 1

    Arrival in Mahé - Transfer from the airport to the predefined yacht area. Start of your charter week.

  2. 2

    Day 2

    Choosing to use a yacht as your mother ship will allow you to reach untouched fishing areas. Our customers are at the center of our concerns, we are here to adapt to your expectations! Depending on the species you want to target, we will advise you on the best strategies to achieve your goals.

  3. 3

    Day 3

    Start of fishing at dawn. Embark from your yacht on your fishing boat and take off. Dogtooth Tuna, giant travally, sailfish, marlins, sharks, cuberas, giant groupers and amberjacks are some of the species that can be caught on our expeditions. Return to your yacht at the end of the day.

  4. 4

    Day 4

    Jigging, popping, live bait fishing or trolling. Many fishing techniques can be practiced in Seychelles. Depending on the fishing area it is best to mix some options. Return to your yacht at the end of the day.

  5. 5

    Day 5

    Sail on different fishing spots and discover new species of fish. Depending on the current and weather your guide will tell you that they are the best fishing options. Return to your yacht at the end of the day.

  6. 6

    Day 6

    Why not try to go up and look for yellowfin tunas? Fishing on hunts makes it possible to obtain surprising results on yellowfin. Depending on the activity and the current, a small trolling session can be used to search for billfish. Return to your yacht at the end of the day.

  7. 7

    Day 7

    Awakened in an paridisiac setting to have your breakfast. Free day to rest and enjoy the islands of Seychelles.

  8. 8

    Day 8

    Return to Mahé - Return flight. End of the trip.


This program is indicative and may vary according to the weather conditions, the fishing experience once there and the wishes of the customers who will be taken into account throughout the stay.

Also note: The program is an example of a typical stay but can be lengthened or shortened depending on the requirements and expectations of each.

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Chartering a Luxury Fishing Yacht Charter in Seychelles

Looking forward to a luxury holiday? If you are looking to charter a yacht in the Seychelles for your next fishing trip, we are able to come out with the finest selection of motor yachts and sailing yachts available around the Seychelles. We are experts in the Yachting Industry since 1991 and our knowledges will allow you to leave the dream of a lifetime. All you need is to communicate with our team.

YFS will arrange all kind of fishing services during your next yacht charter in the Seychelles. We can totally customize your trip as per your requirements and expectations. Yacht charter selection, yacht charter logistic, fishing itinerary, fishing guides and equipment. We will be assisting you in all aspects regarding your next fishing yacht charter in the Seychelles.

Renting a Yacht in Seychelles for Your Next Fishing Trip

On the wildest land of Seychelles, renting a yacht opens up a world of fishing possibilities. Renting a yacht for your next fishing trip in Seychelles will guarantee you a dream becoming a reality.

Yachting Fishing Specialists is a world-renowned company offering customized fishing services. From helping our clients choosing the right charter in the Seychelles, to guiding them around the different areas of Seychelles, we can assist any request.

If you are looking forward for renting a fishing yacht charter but you are not sure which one is the best for you, our team is just an e-mail or text away from you. Tell us what you need on your next trip and we will organise the rest for you.

For your Next Fishing Yacht Charter in the Seychelles, there are two options available:

We offer full customization to our clients. Besides the packages we offer, you can always add or minus the services depending the logistic you are looking for.

For your next fishing yachts charter in the Seychelles, you will have two main options :

Option 1: We can arrange both a yacht charter + a fishing charter and assist you with one of our fishing guides.

We have have access to the most prestigious motor yachts and fishing sports charters available on the market. Our knowledges around the yachting industry give us access to unlimited possibilities. We are collaborating with several international partners such as Fraser World, Edminston, YCO and much more.

If you are still not sure about organizing your next yacht charter in the Seychelles, just contact our team and we will guide you all around the process. We will study your expectations and come out with the most suitable options. Choosing to organise a yacht charter with us, is being sure all gonna be perfectly executed. Regarding the fishing, we will provide top branded fishing equipment and support our clients with the best fishing guides available around the world. Our fishing guides are fishing experts and know very well about the fishing conditions in different areas of Seychelles.

Option 2: We provide you one experiment fishing guide for your trip. Coming on-board your yacht or yacht tender with all necessary fishing tackles.

If you need fishing support only, our guide will assist you daily from your yacht or tender. The guides of our team will bring all the fishing tackles. They will teach you the species of fishes you can find on the spots and make sure your fishing yacht charter in Seychelles will be one of the best experience in your lifetime!

Areas You Will Explore During your next Fishing Yacht Charter in the Seychelles

Our team is offering some of the best yachts available for charter in the Seychelles. Renting a yachts in the Seychelles can bring you where the regular fishing charters and boats are not able to go due to logistical issues. Chartering a yachts in Seychelles will provide you all the comfort which you might be looking forward to your fishing expedition in Seychelles!

When you are booking a charter with YFS, you are free to choose which island you want to explore during your fishing trip. If you do not have any knowledges at all, our guides can also create a special itinerary for you. We will choose the best areas for you depending upon the fishing techniques you want to practice or the species you want to catch.

Our clients are free to choose the areas they want to visit during their trips, but YFS's focus is especially on these 4 areas mentioned below. These areas are fishing heavens that inhabit some of the rarest species of fish. Several species that are found here are not anywhere else in the world. Only super yachts can allow yourself to reach those spots that are really far from the capital of the Seychelles.

Charter a Yacht and go fishing to Albadra Atoll - Seychelles

This group of islands in the world 2nd largest atoll hosting a ginormous amount of fishes. Aldabra atoll is located at the most southwesterly part of Seychelles and is closer to the coast of Africa 630 km (390 mi) than to Mahé. This atoll is made up of 4 larger islands and around 40 smaller islets. YFS operates special cruises to this area to explore this hidden beauty. Aldabra has a monthly mean maximum (December) and minimums (August) temperatures of 31ºC and 22ºC respectively making it the best fishing site to visit any time of year you want!

Charter a Yacht and go fishing to Farquhar Island - Seychelles

Farquhar is the part of outer islands* of Seychelles. It is the farthest island which you can discover in your yacht fishing expedition – located around 700 km away from Mahé. This area is rich with Triggerfish, Bonefish, of course, Permit, Coral species of different fishes, blue-water species, and the Humphead Parrotfish. The Farquhar Atoll comprises the islands Ile du Nord, Ile du Sud, Manaha Nord, Manaha Milieu, Manaha Sud, Goelettes, Lapin, Ile du Milieu, Depose and Bancs de Sable.

* The Outer Island of Seychelles is a collective term for the islands that are outside of the Seychelles Bank in the western Indian Ocean.

Charter a Yacht and go fishing to The Amirantes - Seychelles

The Amirantes is inhabited outermost group of islands in Seychelles located on the northwest side of the country. Most of the islets of this group are made up of corals. Being all the coral islands and also because of inhabitation, the fish species you can find in the water around it are even rare to find in the other areas of Seychelles. Regular boats cannot go there in this water. Yachts are the best option to go there and unwind in the different parts of this fishing paradise. Most coral reef-associated fish-rich areas of Amirantes are D'Arros Island, Desroches Island, Poivre Atoll, Rémire Island, and Saint Joseph Atoll. An estimate shows that this area hosts more than 800 different species of fishes.

Charter a Yacht and go fishing to Coëtivy Islands - Seychelles

This island is also the part of outer islands of Seychelles. Coëtivy is the largest coral island of Seychelles after Albadra, at 931 hectares. Nature and natural beauty are spread all across this island. It is an important nesting site for both hawksbills and green turtles. The waters around Coëtivy are rich feeding grounds for pelagic seabirds including Round Island Petrel, a visitor from Mauritius, and storm petrels from as far away as Antarctica, notably Wilson's Storm Petrel and Black-bellied Storm Petrel. Al these rarest species of birds feed on the fish-rich waters surrounding the island. Exploring this beautiful island will be part of our Yacht fishing expedition.

Fishing techniques you will discover during your next yacht fishing charter in the Seychelles

We do have extensive knowledge and will advise you about the species you will be able to target during your next fishing yacht charter in the Seychelles. One can practice all the fishing techniques in Seychelles, but YFS team main focus will be on three fishing techniques:




These techniques work the best as per the nature of the Indian Ocean and species of fishes found in it. Either you are a beginner or an expert fisherman, our guide will be here to assist you. We will assist you to practicing those fishing techniques properly to get the optimum results.

Species of fishes you will catch during your next fishing yacht charter in Seychelles

There are numerous species prospering in the waters of the Islands of Seychelles. Depending upon the season, you can come across Trevally, grouper, snapper, red snapper, sailfish, wahoo, dorado, kingfish, black marlin, blue marlin, sharks, tunas, cuberas, bonitos, giant groupers, giant trevally, blue travelly, dogtooth tuna, amberjacks, and yellowfin tuna.

As aforementioned, coming across these fishes is highly dependent on the season and the area you are exploring. The best seasons to plan your fishing trip to Seychelles is in the months of October, November, March, April, and May. If you are looking for more information, please check out our blog articles on these topics.

Final Words about your next fishing yacht charter in Seychelles

The full name of this mesmerizing country is the Republic of Seychelles. Nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts refer to Seychelles as a heaven on earth for all the right reasons – it has to offer you everything which you might be looking for in your next holiday destination.

It is a tropical country situated right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, located in the Somali Sea northeast of Madagascar and about 835 mi (1,344 km) from Mogadishu, Somalia. A total of 115 islands made up Seychelles. These islands are either coral or granite. Fishing lovers must know what blessing coral islands are!!! No matter in which ocean or seas coral islands are, the water surrounding these patches of land are always enriched with fish lives and other sorts of marine life. In coral islets, one can find species of fishes that cannot be found anywhere else. Moderate weather in the Indian Ocean, the healthy natural climate of Seychelles, and the physical features of the islands of this country are some of the reasons that it hosts thousands of people every year who come here especially for fishing trips.

Healthy climate and moderate weather is present all around the year. Not only as a fishing destination Seychelles is also very beautiful place to visit. It has the most beautiful white-sand beaches most of which are untouched. Private islands with their own resorts and villas to ensure you get to enjoy all the luxuries during your stay, nature spread all across the country. If you don’t have enough budget for organizing a fishing yacht charter expedition there is an option to stay in a lodge or a villa and go fishing daily adventure. We are also providing several catamaran fishing trip in the Seychelles.

We have numerous clients across the globe who choose us more than once for their yacht fishing charter. Quality services; customer-first policy; professional, friendly, and expert staff and 100% customized packages are the reason why our clients are looking with us. If you are planning your next yacht charter in the Seychelles, just connect with us, and tell us your expectations. Our team will be there to take care of everything. For further details about sport fishing in the Seychelles, check out further articles of our blog.

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