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Boat Fishing Charters available in Nice City (South of France)

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Here is your chance to discover something new! Big game fishing from the city of Nice ( south of France ) will give you the opportunity to get your mind full of memories. Not a single day will be the same.
Available for half day, full day, or sun set, our fishing packages are dedicated to all people that want to enjoy a day out on the blue. Being the leader on the category since 1991, we do provide professional captains and fishing guides. Booking a fishing charter with our team, is getting sure to be surrounded by the right team.
When you are contacting our team for booking a fishing charter from the city of Nice, we will take care about all the aspects around your journey. We can organise your breakfast, your lunch, your pictures and videos. No matter what, our professional team will be here for you.

Image Riviera 63 For up to 12 People
Image Rodman 41 For up to 8 People
Image Bombard Sunrider 700 For up to 4 People

Fish Species you can catch when Booking our Fishing Charters from the city of Nice

If you have chosen the city of Nice for your next boat fishing charter, you can look forward to an amazingly memorable experience. Inshore and offshore the city of Nice, you will be able to target several species of fish such as Bluefin tuna, Spearfish, Swordfish, Snappers, Dentex, Seabream and Amberjack. If you want to enjoy a great weather, we recommend to organise your boat fishing charter expedition between April and October.

Fishing Techniques we can organise during your next Fishing Charter from the city of Nice

If the reason that you have been reluctant in signing up for a sports fishing expedition is that you don’t know the fishing techniques, then you have to get on board with YFS. With a team of dedicated and experienced fishing guides, you can be sure of learning all the fishing techniques to help you catch your dream fish species. Even if you don’t have any prior experience, you can find the best teacher in your fishing guide. Before you know it, you will become fishing professionally.

All you need to get started is the heart for adventure. If you have this, you are ready to have an experience of a lifetime on a fishing expedition. If you’re looking to sign up with YFS for sports fishing in Nice, you should know about the fishing techniques that you will likely engage in. In this section, we’ll provide detailed information on the specific fishing techniques and species of fish you can catch with each technique when you explore the city of Nice. Let’s get right into it already!

Trolling and Deep Sea Fishing from Nice city

Trolling is one of the most effective techniques for sports fishing. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this fishing technique is undoubtedly exciting and exhilarating. The fishing technique involves dragging hooked bait or lure through the water while the boat is moving. The idea is to trick the fish into believing that the lure is moving prey. It’s possible to have multiple lines inside the water. Now, you must understand that the trolling technique is more than dragging lines through the water.  There are different ways you can troll for fish and it all depends on the fishing location and the species that you are targeting. Depending on whether you are fishing inshore or offshore, you can catch a variety of fish species, including Mahi Mahi, , Swordfish, Spearfish, Bonito, and Tuna. When it comes to trolling, choosing the right essential gear is very important irrespective of whether you are fishing inshore or offshore.

Some of the equipment that you need includes rods (stiffer and heavier rods in the range of 6 ½ and 7½ will work best for inshore fishing), reels, lines, riggers, lures, and baits. If you are not sure about how to choose the right equipment and gear, you can trust the team at YFS to help you with the right gear for your trolling fishing.

Casting Inshore and Offshore from the city of Nice

Understanding the casting technique is important to ensure fishing success. If you are new to fishing, you don’t have to worry though. You can trust the team at YFS to teach you all that you need to know about the fishing technique. One of the advantages of this method is that it is versatile and has the high potential to get your line far into where the big fish species are biting.

Some tricks make the technique very effective. For instance, you must understand the setup and how to how to hold the grip. You must also know how to cast when you have completed the setup. You shouldn’t worry though. If you engage the service of YFS, you can have the experienced team guide you through the whole process seamlessly. You can find a wide range of fish species with casting, including tunas and bonitos.

Jigging and Slow Jigging from the city of Nice

Jigging is an effective technique for big game fishing. You must be ready and be on your toes to use this technique because it uses a combination of slow and fast speed to catch the desired fish species. How does this work? The first thing to do is to choose the appropriate equipment. You will require high-quality fishing gears as well as some heavy-duty rods, full reels, and fishing lures. When you sign up with YFS, we will be sure to make all the equipment ready.

Our team is one of the best in the area and for us, giving you the best experience is a priority. When using the jigging technique, it is critical to know the choicest areas and the peak hours that a huge haul is guaranteed.  For a rewarding experience, you will need top quality echo sounders and an experienced skipper. You don’t have anything to worry about though. YFS has got you covered. Even when you have to patiently wait when your jig doesn’t attract any catch; our team will be with you guiding you through the tricks to use to get a big fish to fall into the trap. We assure you of exhilarating fun with our jigging technique. Some fish species you can catch with the jigging technique include dentex, amberjacks, bluefin tunas, mackerels and bonitos.

Live Bait Fishing from Nice City

With live bait, you can target a wide variety of fish species. This fishing technique is very effective in catching big species, including amberjacks, barracudas, snappers, and tunas. It is also one of the best choices for a family’s fishing expedition. If this is the fishing technique you are using for your target fish, you must be ready to exercise some level of patience. Additionally, you need the right gear to get the job done. Whether you are a greenhorn or an expert in sports fishing, YFS has the best skippers and resources to help you achieve your fishing goals.

When you are ready to embark on the fishing expedition at Nice City, YFS will be at your service. All you have to do is contact the team and they will make the perfect customized arrangement for you and your fishing buddies.

Chumming from the city of Nice

Chumming from the city of Nice is a new experience we can propose to our clients. Depending the season, this fishing technique is quite effective for targeting big bluefin tunas. We attract the tunas using sardines, set up the fishing rods and wait for the strikes! Fish species you can catch when drifting from the city of Nice : Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish, Bonito, sharks.

Bottom Fishing from the city of Nice

Easy fishing technique to deploy. Bottom fishing is a great to have fun with your family or your kids. Inshore the water of Nice, we invite you to discover bottom fishing only few miels from the marina. What is cool about bottom fishing? We neither know what gonna strike your baits!

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It’s time to explore all that Nice City has to offer! Are you planning a holiday in Nice? Are you looking forward to a memorable and exhilarating adventure? Then you need to sign up for a sports fishing expedition! Rent one of our boat fishing charter in Nice City and explore the waters to find one of the rarest species of fish. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have experience with some of the fishing techniques. The team at YFS is at your service to teach you the basics until you become a pro.  With a team of seasoned and passionate professional captains and professional fishing guides as well as top quality fishing equipment, you can be sure of an unforgettable experience at your next boat fishing charter with YFS. Whatever species of fish you are looking to catch, the team at YFS is experts in the techniques that will meet your fishing goals. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a fishing expedition experience of a lifetime with YFS today!

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