Fishing in Cannes, Fish Species to target!
(South of France)

January 1st 2021

Cannes is a resort town located on the French Riviera in the Alpes-Maritimes department. The city is popular for its international film festivals as it hosts the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and Cannes Film Festival Midem. Well, this is not the only thing that the city is known for. It is also a top destination for big game fishing. Thanks to its weather, sport fishermen can explore the French Riviera area and do what they love to do best- fish for big game species of fish.

So, are you a sport fishing enthusiast? Are you looking for a unique experience closer to nature during the sport fishing session in Cannes? YFS is at your service! We offer you everything you need for an unforgettable fishing expedition. Whatever level of experience you have in sport fishing, you can trust our team to provide the training, coaching, and equipment that you need for your adventure.

Using various fishing techniques, our team of experts will guide you into different fishing spots where you can find your dream fish. Are you looking for a wide range of fish species? We assure you that you will have your fill of numerous catches. Sign up with us and look forward to exploring a wide range of fish species, including tunas, sea bream, marlins, amberjacks, swordfish, and spearfish, among others.

Credit: Guillaume BENOIT (YFS Team)

Zoom on the different Fish Species you can catch when fishing in Cannes

Deep-sea fishing in Cannes is an adventurous experience. It can be anything from capturing your target fish with a simple reel and rod with bait hooks or going in for the long catch on a luxury cruise with a group of other fishermen. You’ll find some cute mullet with some patience.

You can also get some highly combative fish species in the deep. If you are ready for some mind-blowing and adrenaline-pumping adventure, YFS is ready to deliver the fun and adventure to you on a platter. When you sign up for an adventurous sport fishing expedition with us, here are some fish species that you can look forward to catching.

Fishing Bluefin Tuna from Cannes


To catches a bluefin tuna, you need strength and patience. Bluefin tuna is highly aggressive fighter. Its remarkable strength and endurance make this fish one of the most famous. If this is your choice fish species, our team will guide you through the fishing technique to catch it.

Fishing Swordfish from Cannes


This is another aggressive fish that rarely jumps. It’s a beautiful fish that can be found from April to November. So, if the swordfish is your target, get ready to go on a fishing expedition around its season. Our team will be with you all the way.

Fishing Spearfish from Cannes


Spearfish is famous offshore and inshore the city of Cannes. You can find this species around April to November but if this is your target, you must be ready for some fight because the spearfish doesn’t give up so easily. It’s aggressive and very swift.

Fishing Snapper from Cannes


Snappers are a great target for fishermen around Cannes. If this is your target big game fish, get ready to go on an expedition any time of the year and our team will be ready to guide you to ensure you have an unforgettable fishing expedition.

Fishing Amberjack from Cannes


Here is another big game fish that can weigh as much as 30kg or more. You can fish for amberjack between June and November in Cannes. The team at YFS knows the different techniques that you can use to catch this fish species and we’ll be ready to guide you.

Fishing Mahi-Mahi from Cannes


Mahi-mahi is a seasonal fish species and can be found from June to November. It’s popular for its acrobatic movement and nimbleness. It’s also a striking fish that stands out among its peers. If this is your target fish, our team of expert fishermen will take you to the choice spots where they can be found in the Cannes River.

Fishing Bonito from Cannes


This is another very strong and aggressive big game fish, and if it’s your target species, you can be sure to find it around April and November. We’ll be waiting to take your booking and develop the perfect itinerary to achieve your fishing goals.

Choosing the right Fishing Charter in Cannes


Whether you are an experienced fisherman or amateur angler, our team has the required skills to make your fishing expedition as productive as it can ever be. If all you need is a little nudge and direction to achieve your fishing goals, we’ll be there to guide you. We also offer training for amateur fishermen, which means by the end of your fishing trip, you would have started fishing like a pro, using the different fishing techniques that you have learned.

At YFS, we offer two major fishing packages in Cannes. These are inshore fishing and offshore fishing. For each of these packages, you can choose the boat choice and duration of your choice. We have specific packages for these and if you want us to customize your package, we are also flexible enough to accommodate your requirements. Let’s share what we offer for our inshore and offshore fishing with you.

Inshore fishing from the city of Cannes


The inshore fishing expedition has different fishing techniques and the specific technique that you use will depend on your target fish. We offer trolling, bottom fishing, live bait fishing, and fishing on the hunt within the inshore fishing package. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of each of these fishing techniques. This means that if you sign up with us, you are in for an extraordinary experience, irrespective of your prior knowledge of these techniques.

The season you want to sign up for will also determine the species of fish that you can target and the specific fishing techniques that will be used. Some of the possible species that we target during an inshore fishing expedition include white tuna, bluefin tuna, swordfish, spearfish, barracudas, mackerel, bonito, amberjack, and dentex. If you are targeting big species and you want to have fun while fishing for your target species, live bait fishing and bottom fishing are the best options that we recommend for inshore fishing. We can also incorporate other fishing techniques for specific fish species in some water spots. Depending on your fishing itinerary and goals, the team at YFS will do everything possible to ensure you meet your fishing goals.

Offshore Fishing from the city of Cannes


Offshore fishing is perfect for targeting some species of fish in Cannes, including dolphin, albacore tuna, and of course, spearfish, swordfish, bluefin tuna, and many other fish species. The main fishing techniques used for offshore fishing are trolling, jigging, and casting. We troll with at least seven fishing rods and our team always makes sure that you have the best tackles available for fishing in the market. We go the extra mile to ensure you get the best service and this is why we remain number one in the fishing expedition market.

When targeting pelagic, we recommend the use of jigging and casting techniques. With these techniques, you can target bluefin tunas. Additionally, you can also discover other marine mammals like moonfish, the pelagic sanctuary, and other Mediterranean fauna during your day of a deep-sea fishing expedition. Does any of these sound like a fishing experience that you want? Contact our team of experts at YFS and we will be ready to provide the information you need about your next fishing expedition.

Fishing Charters available from the city of Cannes


Your fishing expedition cannot be possible without a well-equipped fishing charter. You have nothing to worry about when we are in charge of your sport fishing expedition. We offer a wide selection of the best fishing charters that you can find in Cannes. Our charters come with professional captains, professional fishing guides, top-quality fishing equipment, snacks and soft drinks on board, and many more. You can engage any of our charters for half-day fishing, full- day fishing, night fishing, or week-long fishing. Some fish species that we target on charters are swordfish, mahi-mahi, amberjacks, spearfish, bluefin tunas, white tunas, and many more. Here are our best fishing charters in Cannes that you can use for your next sport fishing expedition.

At YFS, we offer two major fishing packages in Cannes. These are inshore fishing and offshore fishing. For each of these packages, you can choose the boat choice and duration of your choice. We have specific packages for these and if you want us to customize your package, we are also flexible enough to accommodate your requirements. Let’s share what we offer for our inshore and offshore fishing with you.

  • Riviera 63 → Available for up to 12 passengers
  • Rodman 41 → It can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people
  • Boston Whaler 370 → It can accommodate up to 8 passengers
  • Rhea 27 → It’s the perfect choice for hard-core fishermen looking for the fast-and-furious fishing experience. The Rhea 27 is designed for up to 5 passengers

You can choose from our selection of fishing packages, which include a family fishing package, luxury fishing package, or VIP fishing package. Each package comes with a set of benefits that make your fishing expedition very interesting and fun. Each package comes with an airport transfer to the hotel and the boat, snacks, and soft drinks, basic tackles, and fuel for fishing. Each boat also comes with a captain, guide, and chef. The packages do not come with equipment for jigging, popping, and casting. However, YFS offers equipment rental from the best brands in the sports game fishing market.

Fishing Techniques you can do when fishing from the city of Cannes


Catching some fish species requires that you use specific fishing techniques. At YFS, we have a professional team that is versed in the different techniques available for sport fishing. This means that when you use our service, you can practice and learn the different fishing techniques to help you to achieve your fishing goals. Some of the most popular fishing techniques in Cannes city are highlighted below:



Spinning is a popular technique in Cannes and it involves using artificial baits to lure the target fish. Different types of lures are used and these include splashers, stick baits, big top waters, and big pencils. That spinning fishing technique is the choice for many anglers looking for adrenaline-pumping fun. It’s a great choice for catching some big game fish.



This is another technique for big game fishing and it’s widely used in Cannes. It’s an exceptional method that ensures exhilarating fun. Choosing the right gear for jigging is very important but you have nothing to worry about with YFS. Our team provides only the best of gears and equipment for your sport fishing adventure. When using this fishing technique, you must be patient to achieve your fishing goals. We’ll be there with you every step to guide you through the steps for the fishing technique.



If you are looking for a beautiful adventure that guarantees fun, success, and a memorable experience, trolling is a fishing technique to consider. It allows for adrenaline-pumping sport fishing activities that will ensure you meet your fishing target. With trolling, you are sure of covering the larger ground and this, in turn, increases your chance of catching your target fish species. With the help of our professional team, you will learn the tricks of trolling and fish like a pro.

Live Bait Fishing

This is a popular fishing technique in Cannes. It’s very effective and easy to follow. It involves that the angler drifts live bait in the water to lure the fish. You must be ready to exercise some level of patience for the fish to get attracted. The bait is attached to two rods that go deeper into the water as you drift the bait. This fishing technique doesn’t involve regular tugging or pulling. All you have to do is control the drift to get your bait to the fishing zone. Our professional guide will be with you to ensure you get the technique right and catch your target fish.

Can you trust about your next Fishing Trip from the city of Cannes with YFS?


The answer to this is a resounding YES! YFS is not new in this business of sport fishing. With over three decades down our sleeves, we assure you that we are the leading sport fishing company that you can trust. Our team is made up of sport fishing experts who are passionate about the adventure and adrenaline-pumping fun that come with sport fishing. They are also always ready to teach fishermen the tricks in catching some of the most elusive and aggressive marine creatures that you have ever seen.

Using a variety of fishing techniques, we will guide you in catching your target fish. We invite you to discover the amazing adventure of sport fishing in Cannes. It’s time to break the boredom and come on board to experience the wildlife in the waters of the French Riviera. When you are ready to take the dip, we will be with you, guiding you each step of the way until you start fishing like a pro. If there is anything we are sure of, your expedition cannot be over until you catch your target fish.

We offer the best fishing equipment from top brands in the industry. That is not all; we also offer superb fishing boats that fit into your fishing goals. Whether you want a practical boat or a full- blown luxury yacht, the team at YFS will make it available to you. For us, it’s all about meeting and surpassing your fishing expectation and when you book with you, we get you ready for an adventurous fishing expedition.

We offer deep-sea fishing comparable to none other. We take you into the deep to search for pelagic fish in the Mediterranean Sea. With us, you are assured of finding some of the choicest marine mammals, including tuna, dolphin, swordfish, bonito, whales, and dolphins, among others.

With high-quality fishing equipment, you will get a unique experience on board one of our fishing boats. As you explore the Cannes waters, you can look forward to a sporting adventure like none other in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Trust our professional guides to be with you to ensure you have a highly rewarding fishing expedition. You can look forward to catching a tuna that weighs anything from 20kg to 100kg. Are you a great fan of swordfish? You’re in the right hands with our expert guides. You can look forward to catching swordfish measuring as long as 2 meters long or more.

Of course, you need to be prepared to use some strength to reel the fish in but you don’t have to worry. Your guide from YFS will be there with you. When you are done with the day’s fishing, you can relax and enjoy the sun with a glass of chilled cold drink or cool off in the neat and sporty air-conditioned cabin. You can also enjoy one of your catches for lunch and get to share it with everyone on board. After resting, you can get ready for the next adventure on the Sea. Our team will be there with you all the way.

Takeaway about sport fishing in Cannes City (South of France)


Cannes boasts of a subtropical Mediterranean climate with approximately 11 hours of sunshine in the day during the summertime. In winter, Cannes also enjoys mild weather, with both seasons experiencing low rainfall. However, from October to November, the city experiences its highest rainfall. The climate of Cannes makes it a great choice for anglers looking for the perfect destination for their fishing adventure.

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