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Boat Fishing Charters available from Monaco

Boat Fishing Charters available from the city of Monaco

Discover our Selection of the Best Sea Fishing Boats Available from Monaco

Are you looking for the best fishing experience available on the market? Monaco is quite a perfect place to enjoy big game fishing in the vast Mediterranean sea. There are a lot of species that you can catch when fishing from Monaco.
We are Big Game Fishing experts since 1991 and provide seamless services to everyone who is booking with us.
With a collection of the best fishing boat charter available in the South of France, you will be able to find the solution matching your interest.

Image Riviera 63 For up to 12 People
Image Rodman 41 For up to 8 People
Image Bombard Sunrider 700 For up to 4 People

Fish Species you can catch during your next Fishing Charter in Monaco

They are many species of fish you can target when fishing from Monaco. Bluefin tuna, Spearfish, Swordfish, Snappers, Dentex and Amberjack are the main species that are located in the water of Monaco. Blue Fin Tunas - 100% CATCH & RELEASE : As it is forbidden to keep a Bluefin Tuna onboard in the Monegasque waters, so we deal in tag and release. We follow the Tag and Release technique in which we attach a tag to the fish in which the information like date, place, time, and the type of fish is recorded.

By following the Tag and Release method of fishing, we enhance the future probability of catching bigger fishes as they will grow and reproduce.

Fishing Techniques we can organise during your Fishing Charter from Monaco

From Monaco, we will be able to organise several kind of fishing techniques. Trolling, spinning, jigging and slow jigging, live bait fishing, chumming, bottom fishing and night fishing... If you want to take a break and discover something fun, they are plenty of options waiting for you. Just give us a call and we will care about the rest.

Trolling and Deep Sea Fishing from Monaco

Trolling offshore and inshore is a common method used for Big Game Fishing. Fishing lures are positioned at a distance of around 10-50 meters behind the boat depending upon the type of lure or bait used, state of the sea, and trolling speed.

For Off-shore trolling, the speed maintained is anywhere between 6 to 8 knots while for inshore trolling the speed is anywhere between 3 to 6 knots. Once fishing is attacking the lure, considering the lure to be a group of fish, the fish is brought out of the water with the help of a rod or a harness.

Spinning Inshore and Offshore from Monaco

For Big Game Fishing, Spinning is a technique to lure tunas and other pelagic prominently. We are generally using a 50lb spinning rod. Strong and durable reels like Shimano Stella 8000 or 10000, Daiwa Salitiga 4500, etc. A braided mainline of around 50lb to 60lb is used where a good knot like a bimini knot is made between the mainline and the nylon leader (between 50lb to 90lb).

When we sea the fish activity is great, we lure the fish by throwing one artificial fishing lures. It may happen in the spring season that the Tuna doesn’t want to bite your best jigs, in that case, be patient and try out small bait fishes which may make the fish interested. When a tuna gets hooked up, we use a large landing net to take the fish out of the water. Strong fishing equipment will be helping you for making sure that the fight with the tuna is not too long, so we can release the tuna in ideal condition. After taking the fish out of the water, we tag it and then release it back into the water.

Jigging and Slow Jigging from Monaco

Jigging is a relatively new technique to the Mediterranean sea but quite effective when it comes to Big Game Fishing in Monaco. First of all, we drop metal jigs which act as artificial baits to lure the fish to bite. These metal jigs are available in various shapes, sizes, and weights. We use the rods, line, leader, and reels to impart maximum reaction on the hook during a striking movement.

We use different speeds, slow, fast, or even a combination to give metal jig life which targets a specific species. We guide you with specific spots that let you catch the fish even, faster as we use our expertise and experience for your assistance.

Live Bait Fishing from Monaco

Live Bait Fishing requires a lot of attention and application of the right technique. We usually use alive squids, mackerels, or cuttlefishes as baits to lure big game fishes. Once the fishing hotspot has arrived, the bait is put back into the water whose movements are enough to deceive your target fish. We slowly troll in a range from around 20 meters up to 100 meters.

We use the sinker to let the bait be in the correct zone. Once the bait is swimming at the right depth, we are trolling slowly between 1 and 2 knots. This fishing technique allows for catching huge species. You must be patient and get ready for a serious fight!

Drifting from Monaco

Chumming Fishing requires preparation and a lot of concentration from your side. It is known for offering exceptional sensations as you can lure big game fishes. In this fishing technique, we use baits and “chum” which consists of fish bones and blood and various parts. Chum is used to feeding various species of fish. The baits are set up behind the boat between 20m and 60m.

Bottom Fishing from Monaco

We provide bottom fishing for kids so that they can also have fun and flaunt that they went fishing at Monaco. Bottom fishing aims at the fishes at the seafloor where the bait is dropped to the bottom of the sea which in turn lures the fishes into the hook. Bottom fishing is generally considered a lazy way of fishing but is ideal for kids. The above fishing techniques would work quite well when it comes to getting hold of some of the big fishes.

Read more about Fishing in Monaco

Located in the heart of the Cote d'Azur resort area along the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco has richly earned the name, ‘Billionaire’s Playground. It’s a beautiful and rich city with lots of attractions and with many things to explore, it has become one of the top destinations for tourists looking for amazing and luxurious fun. Monaco has also become a top destination for sports fishing enthusiasts. When you are looking for some of the rarest fish species, you can explore the world of the Mediterranean Sea around Monaco. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice, as long as you have a passion for big game fishing, Monaco is the place to be. The best part is that YFS is at your service to teach you all the tips and tricks to catch your target fish species. The team is made up of exceptional fishermen with a wealth of experience to make your fishing experience highly memorable. Our luxury boats and yacht are also available to take you on the fishing expedition. We assure you of an experience like none other. Our fishing charters in Monaco allow you to choose several fishing packages. All our packages are including professional captains, professional fishing guides, and the best fishing equipment you can find on the market. We are providing snacks and soft drinks and can organize breakfast and meals according to your requests. Offers available for half a day, full-day, sunset or even night fishing. Depending upon what your family feels comfortable with, we will take care about all logistical issues.

Experimented fishermen or beginners? Depending on the packages you will choose, our team will guide you around the world of big game fishing. We will make you discover different fishing techniques inshore or off-shore Monaco. It will all depend on what you are looking to catch and how long you want to spend out on the sea. Keep in mind, off-shore Monaco is the sanctuary. You will be able to watch numerous dolphins, fin whales, sperm whales and turtles.

If you are looking for something new, forget the daily routine and join our fishing charters in Monaco. We are here for providing you with a soothing experience that pleases your body, mind, and soul with calmness and peacefulness. YFS doesn’t have a rigid program. We offer a tailored program based on the needs and requirements of the client. Whatever your fishing goals, trust us to help you achieve them. Our standard program runs as follows but you can be sure that we can customize a package that fits your needs.

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