Fish Species you can catch when fishing in Antibes
(South of France)

January 12th 2021

Antibes is a small resort town with a population of about 73,800 people as of 2016. The town is located between Nice and Cannes on the French Riviera in the Alpes-Maritimes department of south-eastern France. Popular for its Mediterranean seaside vibes, it has become one of the top destinations for sports fishing in the French Riviera area. Would you like to explore the open sea and see the big sports it has to offer? Welcome to the world of Antibes.

YFS is your host and we’ll be delighted to give you a tour of the open sea where you can see some of the wonders of creation. The open sea in Antibes has a lot to offer when it comes to sport fishing expedition. You’ll find tunas, swordfish, spearfish, mai-mai, bonito, and many other legendary water species that can weigh up to 100kg. Of course, catching those species of fish is not going to be an easy sport and that’s the fun about it.

If you are ready for adventurous sport fishing, we are the best team of fishing services to contact. With over three decades of experience in guiding sport fishing enthusiasts across the world, you can trust our expertise to provide you with a turnkey solution for your fishing goals.

Credit: Guillaume BENOIT (YFS Team)

Fish Species you catch when fishing in Antibes

The first thing you must know that fishing in the French Riviera is best done between April and October. This is when you can explore a variety of fish species in the sea. If you would like to book a fishing trip with us, some of the fish species that you can be sure to find in Antibes include the following:

Fishing Bluefin Tuna from Antibes city - Catch & Release


Also known as Thunnusthynnus as its biological name, the Bluefin tuna is one of the rare species that you can find in the waters of Antibes. The fish has a world record of measuring 678.58kg, which may be a reason why it cannot jump. Its inability to jump is compensated by its high tenacity. The Bluefin is highly combative can fishing for it can be tasking but fun.

Fishing Swordfish from Antibes city - Catch & Release


You can also fish for the swordfish in the Antibes area of the French Riviera. The swordfish has a world record of 536.15kg and it’s also very tenacious. It is an elusive species, which makes it a big delight when you found one. It rarely jumps and it’s very combative. So, if you are looking to fish for the swordfish, you should be ready for some action.

Fishing Spearfish from Antibes city - Inshore / Offshore


With a world record of 41.20kg, the spearfish is another species worth looking out for in the French Riviera. It is an aggressive fish and it’s known for its speed and ability to jump. You can find the spearfish in the waters of Antibes and you can trust YFS to guide you through the fishing technique to catch this highly combative fish.

Fishing Mahi-Mahi from Antibes city


Mahi-mahi is famous for its speed, acrobatic movement, and striking color. Its color darkens as life goes out of it and the change is usually very astonishing. With a Mediterranean world record of 46 pounds, mahi-mahi remains a great choice for sport fishing for many anglers. Many people also refer to it as dolphin fish or dorado.

Fishing Bonito from Antibes city


It may interest you to know that bonito is a feisty fish and one of the hardest fishing species. Catching a bonito is not easy but it’s always fun and rewarding to be successful in catching one. If the bonito is your target fish, you can trust YFS to guide you through different fishing techniques to use to catch this elusive fish species.

Fishing Amberjack from Antibes city


This is mostly found around open water surfaces in some areas. It holds a world record of 74kg, making it a top choice for anglers that are interested in big game fishing.

Fishing Snapper from Antibes city


Weighing an average of 5.00kg, the snapper is a good consideration for big game fishing. Whenever you are in Antibes for a fishing expedition, you can be sure of a chance of not only glimpsing a snapper but also catching one.

Yachting Fishing Specialist operating in Antibes


We are a Yachting Fishing Services company. Pofessional sport fishing expedition agency that offers tailor-made expedition packages to numerous clients. We are specialists in big game fishing and with more than thirty years of professional experience, we believe that we have what it takes to give you an exciting and memorable big game fishing experience. At YFS, we offer our esteemed client turnkey solutions from Antibes to Saint Tropez and Monaco. Whatever fishing techniques you want to practice, we have a team of experts that is experienced in all.

Some of the fishing techniques that are commonly practiced in Antibes City are trolling, jigging, casting, and live bait fishing. To make your fishing experience seamless, we provide professional fishing boats based on requirements. Whether you want a full day fishing trip or a half-day, we will arrange that for you. You can also trust us to provide long sea voyages into the deep sea. We assure you of some beautiful moments where you come in contact with some very rare species of marine mammals, such as the moonfish and other exceptional Mediterranean fauna. If you are looking to go on a sport fishing expedition in the French Riviera, you should plan to join the cruise between April and October.

Boats Fishing Charter for fishing in Antibes

We offer a wide selection of fishing boats on the French Riviera for our clients. Depending on your fishing objectives, budget, duration, and number of fishermen in your group, we’ll provide the perfect option for a boat that meets your need. The boat selections that we offer at YFS include the following:


Fishing Yacht Charter in Antibes

When you think of comfort, luxury, and efficiency, our sport fishing yacht always comes to mind. Our fishing yachts are fully equipped with top-quality equipment to meet the fishing requirements of our most demanding fishermen. This means whatever your imagination of an excellent sport fishing yacht is, we’ll meet it and surpass it with our delivery. With our boats, you can be sure to get to the best fishing spots quickly and in comfort. All our boats have been tested and approved to meet safety and comfort standards. This means you have nothing to worry about.

Fishing Center Console in Antibes

If you are looking at offshore fishing and coastal fishing off the French Riviera and Antibes, the speedboat is a great option. Depending on the species of fish you are looking for and the season, we can organize different fishing techniques, such as vertical fishing, spinning, or trolling, for your team. The speedboat is the perfect solution for sport fishing enthusiasts looking to discover a wide variety of fishing techniques used in Antibes and on the French Riviera.


How do we plan your next Fishing Charter in Antibes?

At YFS, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all even in fishing expedition packages. Therefore, we offer flexible plans that fit the requirements of our clients. We always present tailor-made fishing trips for each of our clients in alignment with their fishing goals. So, how do we plan your fishing expedition to Antibes for an unforgettable experience?


The first step in providing the ideal fishing day to you on the French Riviera is to request some important details. We would need to first know the area that you are looking at and the duration of your expedition. As stated earlier, we offer flexible fishing packages, ranging from half-day to full-day and week-long fishing expedition or more. Based on this information, we’ll be able to decide whether your fishing goal will be met with inshore fishing or offshore fishing.

Next, we will require that you let us know the number of fishermen in your group. If you are going on a fishing expedition with a group of friends, you will have to let us know the exact number of passengers to enable us to recommend the appropriate boat or yacht for the expedition. You can also tell us the kind of boat you are looking for. We have a variety of boat options, ranging from basic comfort to a full-blown luxury yacht. Finally, you will let us know your approximate budget. With these details, we will develop the perfect sport fishing expedition itinerary and send you a sport fishing boat selection that will meet your fishing needs. To make it more interesting and rewarding, we will let you know the best fishing trip to consider, whether inshore or offshore.

We offer more than a regular Fishing Charter in Antibes

Developing the itinerary for your sport fishing expedition is the first step towards having a great and highly rewarding fishing trip. There is more to be considered and that is where YFS comes in. We offer more services to ensure you have an unforgettable fishing experience. Here are some of the additional services that we offer.


Personalized Fishing Advice

Your specific needs are unique and different from other clients. Therefore, we offer personalized advice based on your fishing goals and budget. We are committed to providing professional recommendations on sea fishing and the best equipment to consider for your big game fishing expedition in Antibes. When you engage our service, you engage the service of a team of professional fishing guides who will teach you everything you need to have a successful fishing expedition. We will teach you the different sport fishing techniques that you can use in Antibes.

Unlimited Fishing Possibilities

When you get onboard a fishing boat, the possibilities of your catch are unlimited. At YFS, we help bring your fantasies to life. All you have to do is imagine it and our team will help you transform it into reality. With us, you can only expect unforgettable experiences in sport fishing. Bring your sport fishing dream to life with our help. Whether it’s a deep-sea fishing trip or a coastal trip, we’ll organize the perfect fishing cruise that you would love.

Fishing Charters from the city of Antibes

We take the time to understand the requirements of our clients and make recommendations where necessary. At YFS, we offer three fishing packages in Antibes. However, we can customize your package to fit your fishing goals. Below are the three packages we offer:

Offshore Fishing in Antibes


Are you looking to find some rare fish species? Offshore fishing in Antibes will be a great option for you. At YFS, this is our specialty. We understand every fishing technique that will give you the result that you are looking for. With offshore fishing, you can aim to catch Bluefin tuna, mahi-mahi, albacore tuna, spearfish, and swordfish. You may even be lucky to find the pelagos sanctuary and meet some fascinating marine creatures like moonfish, dolphins, and sharks. The major fishing techniques used for offshore fishing are casting, trolling, and jigging. Our team has decades of experience in these techniques and will be ready to teach you every step of the process.

Inshore Fishing in Antibes


If you love adventure without necessarily spending days on the sea, our inshore fishing from Antibes will be a great package for you. Do you want to ditch the daily boring routine and head over to the sea for some exceptional fishing experience? Our inshore fishing package in Antibes is the perfect solution for you. You can choose our full-day or half-day fishing option for your inshore fishing in Antibes. To make the fishing event very convenient, we have divided it into different categories based on the fishing techniques that you would love to practice to catch the fish species of your dream. We offer trolling, bottom fishing, live bait fishing, and fishing on the hunt.

Night Fishing in Antibes

Many anglers love night fishing because of the peace and serenity that take over the environment at night time. With night fishing, you can cover more ground and achieve great results with your fishing. At YFS, we offer night fishing that is fun and highly rewarding. If you are interested in inshore night fishing, you can look forward to catching mackerels, squids, and barracudas, among others. For offshore night fishing, you can find the Xiphias swordfish and some other rare species. Our boat options are available for all these fishing packages and all you have to do is contact us and let us design the perfect fishing expedition that will wow your imagination.

Different Fishing Techniques for catching different Fish Species in Antibes


You can entrust your big game fishing expedition to our team of professionals. We teach the different fishing techniques that you will ever need while fishing in Antibes or anywhere around the French Riviera. Some of these techniques are highlighted below:

Trolling and Gig Game Fishing in Antibes


We offer trolling techniques for inshore and offshore big game fishing. For offshore trolling, you can look forward to catching tunas, swordfish, spearfish, and mahi-mahi. For inshore trolling, you will find all these fish species as well as bonito. Trolling involves using lures to bait the target fish with the assurance that the fish will want to attack the lures thinking that it is fish. When the fish attacks, it gets caught by the lures and you need to pull it out of the water with a rod or harness. Our team will be with you every step to guide and help you achieve your fishing goals.

Spinning in Antibes


Spinning is mainly used to catch tunas and other pelagic fish species. You need strong and highly durable reels and rods to complete the mission. When you throw the bait into the water to lure the fish, there is a high chance that the tuna would attack. If it doesn’t, our team of guides will use different fishing lures and techniques to attract the fish until it yields. Once a tuna is caught, we make the struggle very short for it by using a large landing net to bring it out of the water. We then tag it and release it. For inshore spinning, you can catch tunas, mackerels, and bonito. However, the target for offshore spinning is tuna.

Jigging in Antibes


Although it is relatively new in the Mediterranean Sea, we also use jigging for some species of fish. To use this technique, we use metal jigs as artificial baits to attract the fish to bite. At YFS, we will guide you to the specific fishing sports where you can catch the fish faster. We will also be with you through the whole process, guiding you to success.

Live Bait Fishing in Antibes

This is mostly used for inshore fishing and it requires the application of relevant techniques and a lot of attention. We use live mackerels, squids, or cuttlefishes as a lure to bait the big game fish. When we spot the fish, we drop the bait into the water and create a movement to deceive the target fish into believing that the lure is prey. When the fish is hooked, we reel it in and you have your win.

Conclusion about the Fish Species you can catch when Fishing in Antibes

Depending on your preferred fishing technique, you can look forward to catching a variety of fish species, including white tunas, Bluefin tunas, swordfishes, spearfishes, amberjacks, barracudas, mackerels, snappers, and bonitos. The fish species you catch will also depend on the season as each fish has its season when they are readily available to be caught. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional fisherman or an amateur, our team will be on guard to help with anything you may need. We will provide you with the best brands of equipment and gear for an unforgettable fishing experience.

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