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A few words about who we are and what is YFS Concept.

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Big Game Fishing Specialist

Yachting Fishing Specialist is based on the love of sports, fishing and yachting. In 2016, a team of highly passionate fishermen decided to create a company that pays attention to detail and puts the client's needs as a top priority. YFS and its partners propose an innovative and exclusive service. YFS helps you choose between several luxurious fishing cruises on a variety of different fishing boats around the world. We only collaborate with fishing experts and passionate fishermen that share the love of fishing and yachting. Our partners have chosen to collaborate with us because of our international contacts around the World of Fishing. The highly innovative and unique concept of creating an unforgettable fishing adventure for our clients is what fuels our purpose.

At YFS we take note of your expectations and turn them into dreams! We provide the best fishing guides and collaborate with international partners, all this in a concise and easy-to-access solution. We offer the best fishing experience anywhere around the world at any time. Our experience and hard work has given us the opportunity to organize the best fishing charters around Mediterranean and Seychelles.

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