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Sports fishing expedition in Antibes offers a unique and unforgettable experience. It’s time to get up close to nature and explore all that Mother Nature has to offer in the sea. With top quality fishing equipment, you can expect a rewarding and adventurous fishing experience.
You will find tunas weighing from 20 to 100 kg and you can also look forward to finding swordfish that is as long as 2 meters. Of course, you need some muscle and stamina to reel them in but you don’t have to worry. The team at YFS will be there with you to give you a hand.
At YFS, we work with our clients from the moment they sign up with us until their expedition is over. We are the one-stop company for everything sports fishing in Antibes. We offer a turnkey service to cater to or everything you need to make your expedition as memorable as you can ever imagine.

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Fish Species you will catch during your next Fishing Charter in Antibes

Top fish species that we target during our fishing expedition include Bluefin tuna, albacore tuna, spearfish, swordfish, amberjack, and mahi-mahi, among others. Inshore the coast they are many more smaller fish species that can be targeted. Bonitos and mackerels are the most common species we can target when fishing inshore. When fishing inshore Antibes, we can also organise some big game fishing techniques allowing to target big tunas and amberjacks.

Fishing Techniques you will discover onboard our fishing charters from Antibes City

Big game fishing has remained an integral part of life in the city of Antibes. Thanks to its beautiful weather, you can enjoy a beautiful day at the sea on an adventurous fishing expedition. The best part is that this destination has abundant big game species and plenty of grounds for big game fishing.

At YFS, we offer you the platform to explore all that the French Riviera has to offer. Our inshore and offshore fishing are designed to target a variety of fish species that are favorites of our clients. To ensure you meet your fishing target, we practice different fishing techniques for different target fish species. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or novice fisherman, our team of professionals will guide you on the perfect technique to practice for your target species. Here are some of the popular fishing techniques that we use for our inshore and offshore fishing in Antibes.

Trolling and Deep Sea Fishing from Antibes

Trolling is undoubtedly one of the most efficient techniques used for big game fishing. It doesn’t matter your level of experience, you can use this method without fear. It is indeed a favorite of both experts and beginners because it’s easy to learn and very exciting. How does trolling work? It involves dragging hooked bait through the water while your boat is moving. The goal is to trick the big fish into believing that the bait is moving prey. You can use a different number of lines to increase the chance of getting a catch.

We practice trolling to target a wide variety of fish species, including bonito, mackerel, snapper, and tunas. If you are not conversant with this technique, you have nothing to worry about. Our team has got you covered. We will teach you every trick you need to know about using the technique and before long; you will get a hang of the whole process.

Spinning and Casting from Antibes

For the casting technique, we use a heavier line with the reel, weighing about 10 to 20 pounds. Depending on the target of fish species, we can use live minnows or artificial lures. An artificial lure is a painted plastic or a piece of metal that is designed to look like natural fish prey. We can also use metal spoons or spinners. To use the casting technique, we cast the lure in the sea in a manner that will cause disturbance to the water. Then we retrieve it in a way that will imitate a jumping prey. The idea is to attract the big fish and make it think that it’s prey that is disturbing the water. Naturally, the big fish would want to bite the ‘prey’ and in the process, it will get hooked.

Our team has the experience and competence to help with everything you need to catch your target fish and they will be there in the boat as you practice the casting technique. You can rest assured that this is an exciting and exhilarating fishing experience. The fish species we target with this technique include tunas, mahi-mahi, swordfish, and spearfish.

Jigging and Slow Jigging from Antibes

Jigging is a very active fishing technique that requires that you pop or snap the fishing rod tip up fast and move the lure or bait vertically around the water. You can jig straight down or up as you cast or drift the lure out and quickly jig it back horizontally towards you as you reel. The jigging technique makes the bait look like an injured fish that a big game fish would want to catch. One important tip that we teach our clients is in the area of reeling professionally. When you cast your jig out and retrieve it while jigging, you have to slowly reel in to ensure that the jig is close to the bottom of the sea as much as possible. To have a successful jigging experience, you need the right equipment. You must understand that jig rigs come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You don’t have to worry though.

The team at YFS always make recommendations for the best and top quality fishing equipment for a highly rewarding experience. We also offer equipment rentals with our boat hire. Fish species that we target when practicing the jigging techniques include Bluefin tuna, white tuna, swordfish, spearfish, and amberjack, among others.

Live Bait Fishing from Antibes

When it comes to targeting bigger fish at the bottom of the sea, the live bait fishing technique is our favorite. It’s highly effective and very rewarding. We use this fishing technique mostly when fishing inshore because that’s where we can find an abundance of a variety of fish species. With this technique, we can target huge monsters that ordinarily would not want to move with the jigs. Some fish species that we target with the live bait fishing technique include dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tunas, marlins, groupers, barracuda, and bonito. Using this technique requires having good equipment and being well prepared.

At YFS, we are always prepared with the right top-quality equipment and gear that will make our fishing expedition as memorable and rewarding as it can ever be. When you sign up with us, we assure you of an experience like none other. We get you on board and teach you every trick and tips that work best for live bait fishing. If you want some fun-filled adventures on the sea, live bait fishing is a fishing technique to look forward to.

Drifting from Antibes

Fish Species you will catch when chumming and drifting : Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish, Bonito, sharks. The baits we are using for this fishing technique are usually sardines and mackerels. When we have time, we are usually also catching live baits before organizing this kind of fishing. Chumming and drifting is the best technique for targeting big bluefin tunas.

Bottom Fishing from Antibes

This fishing is popular for the adrenaline-rushing feel it gives. It’s action-packed and much fun for both experts and beginners. With the bottom fishing technique, you can look forward to catching fish species of any size. The fishing method involves dropping a heavy weighted lure or hook to the bottom of the sea and waiting patiently for the big fish to find it. The best part of using this technique is that it can be practiced using different fishing styles. We also use different tackle and bait as well as different kinds of presentations.

We love practicing bottom fishing when going on an inshore fishing expedition because then, we’ll have access to an abundance of marine mammals. We target different types of fish species with bottom fishing, including snapper, white tuna, bluefin tuna, swordfish, spearfish, barracuda, mackerel, amberjack, giant grouper, and bonito.

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At YFS, we offer both inshore and offshore fishing covering half-day and full-day packages. We offer trolling, casting, live bait fishing, and bottom fishing techniques for our inshore fishing. With three decades of experience in delivering quality service, you can take our word for it. We offer the best fishing experience that you can get in the region of Antibes in the French Riviera. Are you looking to break the routine and do something new? Then it’s time to sign up for our inshore fishing expedition and take an adventurous journey into the deep sea and experience nature at its best. While you are at it, you can get ready for some mind-blowing and highly rewarding fishing activities. You don’t have to go on the expedition alone. You can come along with your friends or family for a memorable experience. Trust us to provide you with the best fishing equipment that you can find in the market.

If you are not looking to explore the deep, we’ve also got something for you. Our offshore fishing is a few kilometers off the coast of Antibes and we target a variety of fish species. When you sign up for our offshore fishing, you can look forward to discovering the pelages sanctuary as you fish for some incredible marine mammals. For offshore fishing, we use casting, jigging, and trolling for fishing, and depending on the targeted fishing activity, we also practice casting. So, if you are ready to hunt for the wildlife mammal, join us as we spin the rod and cast the lure and bait.

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