Yacht Fishing Charter
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Offers available in the Mediterranean, Caribbeans, Maldives and Seychelles!

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Yacht Fishing Charter

For adrenaline seekers, sports fishing enthusiasts and adventurous explorers, our fishing experiences offers a whole world of exciting possibilities.

Our team members travel extensively to seek out the most captivating fishing spots around the world and ensuring the success of your next adventure.

Whether you are interested in organizing a fishing trip in the world's wildest places or getting a full fishing support for your next yacht charter, we are able to find the perfect solution!


A choice of Destinations for your next Yacht Fishing Charter

Are you looking for big game fishing during your next yacht charter in the Caribbean, Maldives, Seychelles or in the Mediterranean?

Island hop through the Caribbean, the Maldives, the Seychelles, discover one of the craziest fishing experiences in the world!

Kilometers of reefs will allow you to target many species of fish such as « Giant Trevally, Marlins, Sharks, Yellowfin Tunas, Mai-Mai, Amberjack, Groupers ». Exert in trolling, jigging and popping, our team will be able to make your dream becoming a reality.

In the Mediterranean, go in search of an emblematic species of fish such bluefin tuna, amberjacks and snapers Corsica, Sardegna, Tunisia, Greece and Croatia are world renowned fishing destinations.

For tournament enthusiasts, the Cabo San Luca fishing tournament which takes place every June in Mexico is sure to get the heartbeat racing.

Whatever are your fishing expectations, our team members are on hand to navigate you through the range of fishing opportunities awaiting you.

Why you should choose us for your next Fishing Yacht Charter?

Yachting Fishing Specialist is one of the leading yachting fishing company in the world. Excelling in every aspect of fishing services.

Our dedicated team and managers have many years of experience in sport fishing industry. All fishing techniques are perfectly mastered by our fishing guides.

We do have the capacity to target any kind of fishing species. Marlins, tunas, giant trevally, amberjacks, groupers, snappers...

Fishing Guide Excellence

With one of the most experimented fishing team around the world, we can assist clients from just about everywhere.
Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean or Caribbeans are presenting different fishing possibilities and opportunities.


Our extensive knowledges will ensure advising you about the species you will be able to target during your next yacht charter and the fishing strategy to adopt for reaching your objective.

The Role of the Fishing Guide during a Yacht Charters

From the moment you make an enquiry for a YFS fishing support, our team may begin working with you. Our fishing team will be liaising with your captain or charter broker, understanding what kind of fishing species you are looking for and what are your favorite fishing techniques.

Once a plan has been validated by the broker and the captain, we will then create a more detailed fishing itinerary, organise recommendations about the fishing strategy and the species to target.

Fishing Equipment Supply for Yacht Charter

The YFS service includes the deployment of logistics adapted to the needs of our customers and our fishing guides. All expeditions supervised by our members include the provision of high-end fishing equipment. We understand that details are important, which is why we assure you that all our fishing equipment is in immaculate condition and are run by the most experienced, professional and friendly fishing guides in the industry.

Our fishing team make every effort to ensure that every tiny detail is taken care of to create your ideal fishing vacation. Trolling, casting, jigging, live bait fishing, we will teach you everything you need to know about big game fishing.


Once you actually step on board your yacht you will experience a turnkey solutions for big game fishing.

Fishing tackles management, fishing tender optimisations or fishing charter organisation, we will take care about all the fishing details necessary for the trip.


Find the Perfect Yacht Fishing Charter

The strength of YFS allows you to fish directly from your yacht or its tender. In the case, you are looking for stronger fishing support. Our team is able providing you with a great selection of sport fishing charters.

Viking Yachts, Fishing Yacht Riviera 63, Sport Fishing Cabo 45, Sport Fishing Bertram 45, Boston Whalers 420 Outrage.

All services organized on board these charters will be supervised by one of the YFS team members.

We have access to a large selection of sport fishing charter all around the world and are assisting all the trips.

Sounds like the Fishing Experience you are Looking For?

Please contact our team, a YFS member will be available to answer all of your questions in depth and to do the booking.

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