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April 12th 2021

Fishing Charter in Antibes is something so irresistible that would make you enjoy an unforgettable experience up close with nature. A lot of anglers like you who are passionate about fishing look no further than Yachting Fishing Specialist – the most reliable fishing charter available from Antibes.

As an expert in sport fishing since 1991, we have come a long way from where it all began. Our competent team offers a wide range of recreational fishing activities that will leave you awestruck. Regardless of the fishing techniques, we are equipped with everything – right from the first-class boats to unsurpassed fishing gear you need.

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If breaking the daily, monotonous routine is what you are after, then inshore fishing can be one of the most terrific activities you can find on the French Riviera! We have two boats at your disposal – Riviera 63 and Rodman 42, which can accommodate up to 12 people.


When you partner with us for the incredibly amazing experience concerning fishing in Antibes, you have absolutely no idea what you are likely to get into. Fishing is not just a pleasure-seeking activity that stimulates your soul but it is an experience that will be engraved in your mind!

Deep Sea Fishing in Antibes!

Truth be told, you will be more than glad to partner with Yachting Fishing Specialist (YFS) for the most terrific fishing experience you have never had before. Indeed, it is a great time to share with the ones who matter the most in your life – family members or friends.

When you are fishing offshore, the techniques you will be doing is mostly deep sea fishing.

Far from the coast of Antibes we are mainly doing trolling for blue-fin tunas, mai-mai, spearfish and swordfish.

We will also reach the pelagos sanctuary – a great place to give a touch of discovery to an amazing variety of marine mammals. When we are doing off-shore fishing from Antibes, you will have the unique opportunity to discover dolphins, turtles, blue whales and sperm whales.

As we said just before, we dove two fishing boat available for charter in the City of Antibes.

Credit: Guillaume BENOIT (YFS Team)
Credit: Guillaume BENOIT (YFS Team)

Inshore Fishing from the city of Antibes

Any idea what’s the best way to cast your worries aside? It’s heading out at sea. Hands down! Being on the sea for your favorite adventurous activity will make you break free from solitary confinement you have been dealing with lately.

Our highly skilled team will you offer you the experience of a lifetime. It will help you cash in on the opportunity of being on such a wonderful boat for fishing in Antibes.

The inshore fishing is divided up into numerous categories, such as live bait fishing, casting, jigging, bottom fishing, or trolling. Depending on the season, our team will give you the unique opportunity to target diverse species of fish, including spearfish, snapper, bonito, barracuda, white tuna, swordfish, bluefin tuna and much more...


Advantage when booking a Boat Fishing Charter in Antibes with YFS!

Listed below are some of the greatest advantages of hiring our matchless fishing charter services.

  1. Convenience
  2. Have your own boat? If so, then you might need to face a lot of hurdles before you can about enjoying your favorite fishing activity to the core. There’s a lot you need to do – hauling your boat to the right dock, putting it into the water, and guiding it around. Don’t you think doing all of this is not a cakewalk and can actually require a great experience? Yes indeed! But this would not be the case if you opt for a professional fishing charter service in Antibes. Everything will thoroughly be taken care of, which is absolutely convenient.

  3. Focus All Your Attention on Fishing
  4. Trying to catch some fish in French waters and navigating the boat at the same time is something that you will find it hard to do. When you hire a trustworthy fishing charter service, you can ensure that you will be able to focus all your attention on the activity you are fond of the most – fishing.

  5. Less Stressful
  6. A fishing trip with an experienced staff to thoroughly guide you is less stressful. That’s because you will not have to feel anxious about the challenging situation that may lie ahead. The crew is capable to deal with any challenge that comes their way and their years of experience in this job make them an expert. Moreover, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have professionals to watch your back. All you need to do is sit back and unwind. Let the pros do what they are exceptionally good at.

  7. Fishing in New Waters
  8. If you don’t have a professional fishing charter crew to guide you, fishing in new waters may seem intimidating. If you are determined to go out to the new waters, make sure you go for the best fishing charter service in Antibes. Furthermore, you will get more confidence when accompanied by expert staff.

  9. Safety
  10. While you are out at sea, you never know when you might have a close encounter with a danger, which is why fishing with the pros will keep you safe and sound. Professional fishing charter personnel undergo intensive training to keep their clients out of harm’s way. They ensure the safety of their clients, no matter what. Make sure the professionals accompany you while you are at sea.

  11. Opportunity to Learn New Things
  12. When you opt for a professional fishing charter service, it is a great opportunity to learn new skills. The skilled crew will teach you a lot of things concerning deep sea fishing that you may not be aware of. You must know that fishing is not only a pleasurable activity but it is also about learning new experiences. You can learn a lot from the crew about fishing.

  13. Gear, Equipment, and Fishing Boat
  14. Once you have up made up your mind to hire a reliable fishing charter, you will be provided with full fishing gear, equipment, and the best fishing boat. We understand that buying your own boat can cost an arm and a leg, so taking a charter for fishing in Antibes is the right option.

  15. Professionals Know How to Find the Fish
  16. Aside from the apparent aspect of deep-sea fishing, your primary goal is to catch some fish, isn’t it? A professional fishing charter crew will know how they can find the fish and where they can find the fish. They are always there to help you if you’re looking to hook a big game fish. Also, you will be advised on the finest techniques to how to hook the fish and then bring it aboard.

  17. Professionals Know the Sea
  18. Maybe you don’t seem well-versed with the landscape of the sea. This signifies that you probably have no idea where you should go fishing and have that ideal catch you have long been waiting for. Don’t fret! A professional fishing charter knows the sea; thus, they can make fishing at sea an easy affair.

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Yachting Industry in Antibes

With a rich history spanning four decades, the superyacht industry in Antibes has been getting bigger and bigger with every passing year – not only in the number of yachts arriving in this resort town but the size of new yachts being built. Antibes Celebrates Yachting is a festival, which is dedicated to the yachting industry, the captains and crews, with diverse superyachts as well as luxury yachts. This event is held in Antibes – a stunningly beautiful and well-known Southern France yacht charter destination. The history of yachting and that of Antibes have been closely linked for almost 50 years.

Antibes Celebrates Yachting is an amazing concept that will bring together crews, professionals, and captains yachting at the right time. This event is organized by ASAP (Association for the Support of development and activities of the Port of Antibes) – a non-profit association which was founded by the yachting professionals in 2012 in Antibes. The purpose was to support the planning and progress of Antibes.

If you find more info about the yachting industry in Antibes, please check ->

Things You Should Not Miss in Antibes

What can we say about Antibes – an irresistible tourist destination catching the fancy of holidaymakers from all around the world, but mostly between April and October? Its climate is just perfect for fishermen. The fact cannot be denied that nature has been very generous to Antibes, as it has blessed it with some of the most spectacular sights to see and things to do. There’s a lot Antibes has preserved in its store.

Although Antibes is renowned for its dazzling beaches, it can home to those who are on the lookout for a peaceful and tranquil environment. There are vintage yet stunningly beautiful markets and cafés. You will spoil yourself for choice with a multitude of passing carts offering an abundance of scrumptious food.

Here’s a list of top 10 things you cannot afford to miss while on your fishing tour in Antibes, France.

  • Experience Musee Picasso in the Chateau Grimaldi
  • Talk a walk through the Old Town
  • Follow the trail of previous artists around Antibes
  • Wander through the Open-Air Markets
  • Attend a famous Art and Antiques Fair
  • Learn about Antibes’ History at the Fort Carré
  • Enjoy the sandy beach at Plage De La Gravette
  • Go on a shopping spree at the Provencal Market
  • Discover the endless beauty of Cap d’Antibes
  • Make the most of a Jazz Festival

If you are going to the French Riviera, which is also known as Côte d’Azur, visit the resort town of Antibes – an immensely popular area for international tourists. Being a vivacious and cultural Mediterranean seaside town boasting its rich history and an active yachting community, Antibes will keep you entertained throughout.

You can check all things to do directly on the official website of the city ->

Why choosing YFS regarding Big Game Fishing in Antibes?

At YFS ( Yachting Fishing Specialist), we place greater emphasis on ensuring that you get to take advantage of our unsurpassed fishing charter in Antibes. If you are looking to leave all your anxieties behind and get rid of a stressful life, it’s time to choose us to provide you with a first-class fishing charter service.

As a leading fishing charter in Antibes, we contentedly serve you with some of the basic amenities you need while on board to add zest to your fishing experience. They include:

  • A Professional Captain
  • A Professional Fishing Guide
  • Premium-Quality Fishing Equipment
  • Lip-smacking Snacks and Soft Drinks

Fishing is such a pleasurable activity that will keep you glued to its nature throughout. So, it is entirely at your discretion whether you would like to go fishing in the Mediterranean seaside resort for a full day or half-day. Better yet, you can even opt for fishing until sunset.

If we were to ask you to describe sunset fishing experience, odds are you would have a hard time doing so, as it is beyond words. Go ahead with yachting in Antibes if you are looking to immerse yourself in the most spectacular experience on the French waters.

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