What is the best fishing season for fishing in Seychelles?

April 18th 2019 in Adventure

Seychelles is a group of islands in the South-Western part of the Indian Ocean. They cover a total land area of 455.3 square kilometers. There are a total of 115 islands in the Seychelles island state. The exclusive economic zone of the islands covers at least a whopping 1.374 million square kilometers of the Indian Ocean.

The biggest island of this archipelago and the capital of Seychelles is Mahé with a land area of 148 square kilometers. Mahé makes up about 1/3rd of the total land area of Seychelles. Two other major islands, as of importance to size and population, are La Digue and Praslin with a distance of 48 km and 33.6 km from Mahé, respectively.

The main population of the archipelago has originated from the British and French settlers, traders from China, the Middle East, and India and of the plantation workers from Africa. Christianity is greatly followed and can be considered as the dominant religion of Seychelles with over 86% of the population being Catholic and around 7% Anglican.

Fortunately, the Seychelles islands lie just outside the cyclone belt, although they receive monsoon rains for the better part of the year from November to February along with the northwest trade winds. During monsoon, the season gets hotter (above 31°C) with 90% relative humidity which leads to a cooler season from May to September although the temperature doesn't go below 23°C, the southeast winds makes the sea become rougher. Contrary to offshore jurisdictions, the islands do not get destroyed by any regular tropical cyclones or tornadoes, hence, ensure continuous operation of communication and service networks with the rest of the world.

Three of the most important sectors of the Seychelles islands' collective economy are tourism, fisheries and the offshore financial service sector that is developing at a fast rate.

Exports of canned tune along with frozen and fresh fish make up to over 83% of the export value of Seychelles for good and around 10% of aggregate foreign exchange earnings.

All that being said, Seychelles is easily one of the most exclusive and beautiful destinations that someone can visit in the world. As such, Seychelles derive a significant part of their collective income from the tourism sector. Quite uniquely and conveniently, Seychelles has been consistent in applying a very careful approach in order to avoid any form of degradation through mass-tourism and has been successful in preserving the unique character of the islands along with the rarity of conserved nature. Therefore, a fishing holiday in Seychelles is well worth it considering the beauty of preserved nature and carefulness in tourism management.

Seychelles has gained rapid worldwide recognition since the introduction of International Business Companies Act of 1994, along with the already established popularity as one of the most favorable competitive locations that attract offshore company incorporations. The financial services and offshore corporate sector is the rapidly developing and possibly the most dynamic sector of the national economy of Seychelles.

An important and major part of the economy of Seychelles is the Seychelles international trade zone (SITZ), which consists of an increasing number of companies being involved in the manufacturing. processing, re-distribution, assembly, management services operations, online order processing, and much other technology-oriented businesses.

Currently, the private sector of the economy of Seychelles employs around 60% of the total population. Despite the various restrictions due to its small size, the group of islands successfully manage its social and economic development in an environmental-friendly and convenient way. And Seychelles is considered the most economically prosperous country in its region.

The people of Seychelles are called Seychellois and are usually described as easygoing and laid back in nature. Their dressing sense is relaxed and the use of formal clothing is seldom. However, their interpersonal distances are greater than those of the people in Europe.

Choosing the Right Seasons for Fishing in the Seychelles

Our favorite seasons for fishing in the Seychelles are October, November, December, February, March, April and May!

The climate, weather and seasons in Seychelles are tropical and hot all year round. The rainy season-monsoon makes the climate from October to March playing with sun and rains. The rain in the Seychelles is neither during all day long. It does not have a negative effect on sport fishing. For us, it’s better a day with rain than a day without rain. The rain allow to control the water temperature and fish are more active when the temperature of the sea ocean stay stable.

March to May is the hot season with warm temperatures and flat sea. Our team recommends that period of all fishermen who like those kind of conditions. As we said before, we like when the weather is a bit tricky! It all depends about you and your expectations! If you are one guy looking to target a world record, do not be scared about getting a bit of water on you!

As from June to September, during the uproar of Southeast trade winds, the season tends to become slightly cooler and considerably dry. Tropical rains present themselves in the form of thunderstorms or downpours. In Seychelles, tropical rains also usually present themselves in the afternoon of a hot, humid and rainy season and during the nights of the cold, dry season as they are fairly frequent but short spanned.

We do not provide any fishing activities during that period because the wind is too strong. It is not safe to go fishing during that timing!

The average daily temperature can be around 26 °C or79 °F from July to August, around 27 °C or 81 °F during January and around 29 °C or 82 °F during March, April, and May, which are considered the warmest months. Although the temperature tends to vary a little for both night and day during the transitional period between seasons, it rarely goes over 34 °C or 91 °F in the day or goes below 22 °C or72 °F at night.

When talking about the rains, the islands close to the equator, i.e the northern islands usually get more rain than the southern islands which are away from the equator. There are two islands that are northernmost, at a latitude of 3 degrees south, one of them is Bird Island, with an annual precipitation of 1,950 MMS or 77 inches and Denis Island, with annual precipitation of around 1,700mm or 67 inches. The main island is Mahé at a latitude of 4 degrees south which receives the most rain of the lot. The southernmost islands, on the other hand, are much drier, the Farquhar Group in particular, and the Aldabra Group even more so in the south-west. A rainfall of only 985 mm or 38.5 inches is observed by the mentioned islands and it goes as low as 865 mm or 34 inches on the much smaller island of Assumption.

However, even with all this common information, the rain pattern all over Seychelles is quite unpredictable from year to year. For example, it can rain tremendously during the dry season whereas the rainy seasons can witness a drier occurrence than normal. The opposite happens in La Niña years. Do not forget that rain is for us optimizing the fishing activity. So do not be scared about getting a bit wet!


Species to Target in the Seychelles According to the Fishing Season

  • Black Marlin → Best fishing season runs from September to November. We can say that black marlins are here all the season. The fishing results depends about the pelagic activity. If yellowfin tunas and bonitos are around, you can be sure, black marlins are there as well.
  • Blue Marlin → Present all the year in the Seychelles. Best fishing season runs from September to November. Trolling and live bait fishing are the best fishing techniques for targeting that fish!
  • Sailfish → Same as marlins, they are all the year. We can say that from October to November and March to April is the top season for fishing sailfish. Trolling and live bait fishing are the best fishing techniques for targeting that fish!
  • Giant Trevally / Blue Travally → In the Seychelles you can target Giant Trevally and Blue Travally all the year! We particularly appreciate October and November. At the end of the windy season, the fish are always "super active"! Popping and jigging are the best fishing techniques for targeting that fish!
  • Dogtooth Tuna → They are here all around the year. The main rule is to « go for it! ». Jigging and live bait fishing are the most effective fishing techniques for targeting that fish!
  • Amberjacks → They are here all around the year. We will say April and May are a little more effective. Jigging and live bait fishing are the two main fishing techniques for targeting Amberjacks.
  • Yellowfin Tuna → They are here all around the year. It all depends about the water temperature. Best time for us run, from September to November and from April to May! Popping, jigging, trolling and live bait fishing are the best fishing techniques for targeting that fish!
  • Wahoo / Mai-Mai → They are here all around the year. Trolling and casting are the best fishing techniques for targeting that fish!

Zoom on the different species you can find in Seychelles

People experienced in-game fishing can have the ultimate experience in Seychelles. Seychelles is a paradise for fishermen as there is plenty population of most sought after game fish species.
For example, to lure a Sailfish, you will not need to venture too far off on your boat. Most of the best fishing grounds can be found right on the plateau and are quite often very close to the islands. Blacks Marlins and blue Marlins will be fond on the drop-off. The peak season go from September to December. Marlins prefer deeper water than the plateau shallow water.

Game fishing enthusiasts or fishermen that want to go for a Billfish Slam should keep their eyes on Seychelles for their next trip.

Then comes the abundant and possibly countless Wahoos that roams all around the plateau for the whole year in large number, offering the opportunity for perfect light tackle sport. Going along a bit further from the plateaus for a while can also provide one with the chance for catching the absolutely delicious Giant Trevally. Dogtooth Tuna are also found in these depths, they tend to get bigger closer to the Drop Off. Their average size ranging between 25-90 kg but in Seychelles, larger sizes can be caught too.

And of course, not to forget the angry but tasty Yellowfin Tuna. The Yellowfin Tuna can be considered the toughest fighters that a fisherman can catch in Seychelles, after Black Marlin. It has weight range equal to that of Blue Marlin and yet the time to catch a Yellowfin Tuna is double. IF you happen to witness a school of dolphins out in the ocean, the chances of these big Tuna being there with them are high.

So generally speaking, big game fishing in the waters surrounding Seychelles is a treat for learned fishermen as it stands out with a large variety to offer. Some of the described, most famous big game trolling species along with others are listed below.

Best Fishing Techniques in the Seychelles!

Seychelles has some of the most abundant fishing grounds of the world and big game fishing enthusiasts don't have to go any further than the shore to start breaking fishing records. The water surrounding Seychelles has already set the bar for world records for Dogtooth Tuna and Marlins. The Seychelles Islands have gained popularity as the focus of saltwater jigging, slow jigging, speed jigging, popping, trolling, live bait fishing, fly fishing.
Breathtaking trophy sailfish and marlins along with shark, rainbow runner, giant trevally and wahoo make Seychelles the dream big game fishing destination for extremely experienced fishermen and novice as well.
If you are a big game fishing enthusiast, you have probably heard about all the different variety of fish that are attracted to the warm water surrounding Seychelles islands. People have also made record size catches here like spectacular trophy-worthy Sailfish, wahoo, dorado, kingfish, black marlin, blue marlin and tunas. The Seychelles islands are a big game fishing destination for the expert fisherman. Many expert recreational and international sport fishermen have been returning to Seychelles every year enthusiastically. This is because they haven't found any other fishing grounds so favorable and the YSF fishing team makes the experience even better. It does not matter if you are fishing from a fishing lodge or from a catamaran, the YFS team gonna do its best to satisfy tour objectives. We suggest you try the listed big game fishing methods to use in Seychelles for the best results possible.


One of the most common types of big game fishing in blue water enjoyed by specialists and experienced fishermen. Laying out a spread of lines that contains as many rods as your boat and crew can handle is the method of trolling. The lures are attached to these lines and are pulled along with the boat in slow but stable speed until the fish strikes. At the YSF lodges and villas, you get fish gear for trolling free when you book any villa or lodge. For people who want to learn, our team is always ready to guide you in your game fishing venture.

If you want to know more about the trolling in the Seychelles, do not forget to check our blog article « Trolling in the Seychelles for Big Game Fishing ».


The different types of big game jig fishing you can experience at the YSF in Seychelles are- deep jigging, speed jigging, butterfly jigging, vertical jigging, Japanese jigging and extreme jigging and many more that you can use to fish with long jigs. We suggest you select jigs ranging from 100-400 grams and taking them from the sea bed up to all water columns. Big fish are attracted by jigs. Working the jig along with the reel and the rod improves jig presentation. Tackles designed to handle drag pressure of at least 10-12 kg are recommended for big game fishing in the Seychelles. PE7 or PE8 highly recommended!

If you want to know more about the trolling in the Seychelles, do not forget to check our blog article « Jigging in the Seychelles a Total Madness! ».


Popping is a really productive fishing technique in the Seychelles. We recommend you to bring heavy tackles for practicing that fishing method in the Seychelles. PE10 highly recommended! Retrieve slackline (if any), and then sweep the rod tip firmly in a downward motion at 45° approximately. Allow the lure to rest for some seconds, then you must repeat until a fish takes the lure. Popping like this is a very active form of game fishing and it allows you to catch some of the toughest monsters like giant trevally, yellowfin tuna and dogtooth tuna!

If you want to know more about the trolling in the Seychelles, do not forget to check our blog article « Popping in the Seychelles ».

Live Bait Fishing

Live bait fishing is one of the most effective fishing techniques. Live bait is the best option for targeting bigger fish at the bottom of the water. When we are jigging, we are always doing live bait fishing. It allows to target all monsters that does not want to move on the jigs! Live bait fishing allows to target big dogtooth tuna, marlins, yellowfin tunas, sharks, groupers... Although, you must be very careful as groupers can weigh as much as 200 kg easily in Seychelles, so if you plan on attracting and catching heavy and huge fish, you must be properly prepared and well equipped!

Fishing in the Seychelles from a Catamaran


The excitement and experience of exploring the Seychelles islands onboard a sailing catamaran is one of the most popular attractions of the islands that make expert fishermen choose a catamaran for their big game fishing ventures. Our catamarans are always chartered with a captain, a skipper and a fishing guide. All trolling tackles are provided during our fishing trips.
Other than that, you will have to bring your own gear or rent some for popping and jigging. We recommend checking in about your gear's inclusion or if you want to rent it, which is becoming more common nowadays. Although, if you have other opportunities to use it in your home country, it is better to just buy the fishing gear instead of renting it.

The best fishing seasons from fishing from a catamaran in the Seychelles are October, November, December, February, March, April and May!

If you want to discover more articles about jigging & popping in the Seychelles, we would like to recommend you reading both our articles: If you want to know more about our catamaran fishing expeditions our the fishing tackles you should bring in the Seychelles, do not forget to check our blog articles:

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Fishing in the Seychelles from a Fishing Lodge


Second most popular option with expert fishermen and big game fishing enthusiasts for staying in the Seychelles is booking a fishing lodge. Nothing is better than staying at a lodge that overlooks the ocean and is walking distance from the beach to the fishing point. You can book your lodge with the YSF fishing team and enjoy some of the exciting packages that we provide for our guests. At the YSF, we have weekly plans prepared for everyday fishing expeditions from your villa or lodge at the most affordable prices and we also offer competitive rates. It’s also possible to organise your fishing trip directly from hotels. Enjoy the best big game fishing experience of your life with us at the Seychelles!

The best fishing seasons for fishing from a fishing lodge in the Seychelles run from October to May!

If you want to know more about our fishing lodge packages, do not forget to check our blog articles: "The best fishing lodges available in the Seychelles".

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