Discover the Popping & Casting Fishing Techniques in the Seychelles

February 15th 2019 in Equipment

Overview about Popping in the Seychelles

Are you looking for the best place that will deliver amazing sports activities? Do you enjoy fishing for recreational purposes? Seychelles is the best place for all sport fishing activities! Sports fishing is one of the leading events that attract thousands of fishers who do fishing for fun! Among the leading sport fishing practices includes; jigging, popping, and many other kinds of fishing techniques. They have emerged to be the interest practices for sport fishing!

This article will deliberate on the insights of popping in the Seychelles islands! Notably, the islands of Seychelles has been at the forefront when it comes to sport fishing activities! Popping fishing, for instance, is one of the leading sport fishing activity in the islands of the Seychelles. But why is Seychelles islands the best place for the popping fishing practices? What makes Seychelles the best sport fishing site even for the famous sportsmen? This article will explain every detail here.

What is so good with Seychelles Islands?

Most anglers visit famous Seychelles in search of the high-class sport fishing grounds. You will enjoy catching the rare species in the Seychelles islands! The species include the Marlins, Yellowfin Tunas, Dogtooth Tunas, GT’S, Amberjacks, Groupers, Sharks, Bonefish, Milkfish... All these species are the rare species that every sports fisher will admire being on record for catching! You will have the exciting opportunity to enjoy the expanse of 10000 acres expense of the sand flats! Other relevant factors that make it a fantastic destination for popping fishing is the smart resorts that deliver only the best for their clients.

They are two ways for organizing your next fishing trip to the Seychelles. You can leave on the shore and go fishing everyday or you can leave on a catamaran and go fishing everyday as well.

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We will introduce you all the best fishing lodge available in the Seychelles.

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Fishing from a catamaran in the Seychelles is the best way to target world records fish!

It’s important to understand that Seychelles is a place where they prohibit industrial activities! This rule has made Seychelles be the flourishing site for the rare species of fishes. Industrial practices are the major hindrance to the growth of fish species! Seychelles has emerged to be the destination for all sportsmen who are doing fishing for recreational purposes. Seychelles islands are now the amazing sport fishing destination for all kinds of people including the jiggers, the casting guys and even the trolling addicted!

All varieties of fish are available here including the Giant trevally, the dogtooth tuna, giant kingfish, groupers, yellowish tunas, and the marlins. All these are the rare species that you will have a chance to fish out at the vibrant islands of Seychelles! Popping fishing is the leading technique that the sportsmen are now embracing in this famous part of the Indian Ocean! Popping is a fishing technique that can be included inside main and unique technique of spinning.


What is Popping Fishing?

Sports fishers understands what this fantastic technique entails! It’s a popular activity in the Indian Ocean. It’s a sports fishing activity that needs fitness and passion. Arguably, it can increase the levels of adrenaline! It’s the reason why this popping fishing technique is really for fun. Many anglers love this practice, cause it's just a madness!

The victims of the popping fishing technique are the predators of the poppers and the fisherman! Popping fishing technique will generate a shock! It entails an exercise where you pull a large species of fish. The fish will have to fight back!

When you do popping in the Seychelles, you need to close your drag with a pressure around 10 to 14kg. It means, you will have to fight strongly in order to not get your line broken into the coral reef! If you are popping for giant yellowfin tunas, you will have to stop those monsters before they spool you out.

Popping is a sports fishing technique that is so rampant in the Indian Ocean specifically at the famous islands of Seychelles! It entails the use of the artificial lures referred to as poppers to tract the predator fish. The anglers will apply the popping fishing techniques to trap the rare species of fish at some specified locations.

It's important to say that when we say popping fishing technique, we might use also different kind of lures such as stickbaits or big topwaters. Popping is just a part of the different spinning fishing techniques. Here in the Seychelles, we can say that we are mainly fishing using poppers, stickbaits and big pencils or splashers!

What is so funny with this Popping Fishing Technique?


As a sports fisherman, you will be looking for activities that will make your moments to be memorable! Popping fishing technique will require more action since it’s a rough process that may also need a larger space. The poppers hit the water surface, producing a pop sound that will in turn tracts the predators! The predators will in turn run after the poppers and there you are, you get the predator kingfish!

Most of the time, the fish attack the popper not for eating, but only because they do not support the noise produce by the popper. We can say that it’s a basic instinct. Fish do not like to be disturbed on their lands. All this fantastic sport fishing exercises are available at the famous islands of Seychelles which is the world’s leading site for the sport fishing!

The main Fishing Tackles for Popping in the Seychelles

Which Fishing Rod Should I Use for Fishing in the Seychelles?

They are several popping rods available on the market! For fishing in the Seychelles, we recommend you to use at least a PE10 popping rod. A Shimano Stella 14000 fishing reel or Daiwa Saltiga 4500 fishing reel is the smallest tackle you should use for popping in the Seychelles.

If you are looking for catching big yellowfin tunas, forget about Stella 14000 and go for Stella 18000. A max spool can also help you for targeting monsters . If you are a more a fan of the brand Daiwa, go for a Daiwa Saltiga 6500!

The Popper:

They are hundreds of models available on the market. Just remember about something. Be sure, that your popper offers a full through frame. Size must be between 25cm and 35cm if you are looking to target big fish! About the weight, it will be usually between 150g and 300g.

Poppers that you must have for fishing in the Seychelles

  • Popper Rapala X Rap → This is one of the best value! Just get it and cast it!
  • Amegari Poppers → Those poppers are just revolutionary. A must have for any anglers!
  • Navigator Poppers → What can we say about that brand? We are just strong support of all the lures that brand is offering.
  • Heru Cubera → We don't have to say much about that brand. All fishermen know it's working well...
  • Hammer Head A Cup → If you are ready to cast them, just do it! Those lures are XXL lures that will be able to make all the difference.
  • Orion Poppers popper → Same as the Cubera... We don't have to say much about that brand... The reputation is already done...

Colors of Poppers you must choose for fishing in the Seychelles

  • All « flashy types »
  • Pink Candy
  • Nemo Pink
  • Rainbow
  • Purple

What kind of Hooks are the best for fishing in the Seychelles

If you are thinking to come fishing in the Seychelles with hooks from ALIBABA or ALIEXPRESS. Please stay home... We cannot to lose monsters because the hook was not strong enough... We are talking here about reinforced hooks - Shout Treble Curve - BKK treble hooks - Owner ST66 - Owner ST76TN.

The split ring is one fondamental tackle for popping. Without that accessory you cannot connect your hook or swivel to your popper. For popping you will need to use 150LB up to 300LB for the big lures.

The swivels are also indispensable. Without the swivel you cannot connect your shock leader to your popper. For popping you need to use swivel between 250LB and 400LB.
The shock leader for your terminal must be 200LB minimum. We personnaly recommand to fish with 250LB shockleader.

Popping in the Indian Ocean for monsters!


There are several popping techniques that are applicable for sport fishing at the shores of the Indian Ocean. Among the famous popping fishing techniques includes.

Popping for Giant Trevally in Seychelles

When casting, it is on the coral reef that you will meet the largest specimens. In Farquhar, popping is an incredibly effective technique! This area is particularly suitable for enthusiasts looking for trophy fish. In Farquhar, it is common to catch very big GT's exceeding 40 kgs. The other species that can be caught by casting are huge napoleons, big groupers, sharks and also sailfish! The depth of the fishing spots varies between 5 and 35 meters.

The popping fishing technique will entail the throwing of the popper at some distance and a certain point. The bait is then retrieved. It will then cause the rippling in the water surface. The rippling process will then attract the attention of the predator fish, and in no time it will chase after the pop sound that is produced by the baitfish. As a sports fisherman, you should have the skills of setting the poppers. Poppers must be cast at a distance of 40 up to 70 meters.

When you are casting your lure, it's important to pay attention to details. Check where the birds are flying, check bait fish activities, look where the current is stronger... All those details will make the difference with one experimented fisherman and with one beginner.

You should also be able to have a set preparation of the poppers to attract the species of the fish sizes that you intend. When you need a massive action popping, you will need to have clear considerations about the reels, rods, hooks, leader, and also other specifications.

The popping technique is sometimes referred to as the splashing technique. A popper has a slightly shorter body with a large head. The surface is concave shaped surfaced. The lure has a large concave head that produces a pop sound when it’s appropriately played. The water splashing elbow attracts predators. The pop sound and the water splash in the mouth will create the ripples that will draw the interest of the predators.

When you are popping for big GT’S, you can choose to go « fast » or « slow ». We always recommend to go slow when you are fishing on more than 20 / 25 meters depths. The slow methods can be applied depending on the requirements of the sportsmen. Notably, the predator is so sensitive to the movements of the poppers. The slow-motion is essential to allow the fish to detect your popper. Once the predators catch the ripples, they can effortlessly chase after the poppers hence simplifying the task of enticing them into a trap! One shallow water, if you are targeting big GT’S, we recommend you to go faster! Do not forget to do some « stop & go ». It can makes all the difference!

Popping for Yellowfin Tunas in Seychelles

That’s a total madness! Getting 100kg+ Yellowfin Tunas on poppers is something common here in the Seychelles. What we can recommend is the following! Big poppers for big fish! We clearly notice, that big size popper make the difference. Wen we are fishing for giant yellowfin tunas, we are out on the blue. Big lures can make the difference, where other pencils and stickbaits won’t make enough noise! So remember, if you want to target big yellowfin tunas, go big or go home!

Why using Pencils for better fishing results in the Seychelles Islands

The pencil is another set of popping fishing practice in the famous islands of Seychelles. It plays the role of flying fish on the surface of the water. The pencil bait will be quickly rolled up on the surface of the water. It then produces the rippling effect, and the straight motion, that will appear to the predator like if the victim is fleeing away from the imminent danger.

When the poppers are speeding by the sportsman, it occasionally glides hence producing a series of pops. Notably, the heads are a slender shape with a small head and tail. The pencil popper is useful in the areas of stable winds conditions. Since it can be quickly drawn away hence producing the bubbles that are attractive to predators.

The above are the few techniques of popping fishing in the Indian Ocean at the islands of Seychelles. Let’s get the real picture of the popping fishing activity in Seychelles. We will also deliberate on the history behind it that has made it emerge to be the world’s leading sport fishing environment!


When using Stickbaits is a good alterniatve

If fish don’t want to attack your popper, a stickbait can make the difference! A stickbait is a hard lure that is generally long and slender and designed to emulate a « baitfish ». There has been a lot of hype recently about the effectiveness of stickbaits and from our experience, if there are kingfish around they are deadly! In the Seychelles, almost all species of fish can be catch using a stickbait. We always recommend our clients to try both option when you see the fish are tricky! They are two types of stickbaits, the floating stickbaits and the sinking stickbaits. Both are working great and we recommand you to use the lure that is the best for you! Remember, one lure in the water, is one lure that is fishing! So cast and go for it!

Sport Fishing in the Seychelles is that cool?

Seychelles is an island which was once a British territory in the 1800s. It was at this colonial periods when the slave trade was abolished. The establishment of the new standards in Seychelles led to the development of the other social measures such as farming, fishing, and also other business adventures! Fishing here was one of the acceptable practices following the strategic location of Seychelles! It’s a breeding zone for the varieties of the fish species, therefore, making the place a famous tourist destination! It later becomes the world’s number one center of the sport fishing activities. With a variety of sport fishing activities, the popping fishing was not left aside, and it inevitably emerged to be the Seychelles number one sport fishing exercise.

The fishing practice in Seychelles was undergoing revolutions, and it was not until the 1980s when its impossible standards were arrived at. It led to Seychelles emerging to be the leading exporter of tuna fish! Please note, that Seychelle authorities do not allow professional fishermen to fish under 240 miles from the territorial waters. So you don't have to worry about commercial fishing in the Seychelles. The variety of rare species you can find in the Seychelle are the reason why every sport fisher is seeking to feel the beauty of this world’s best sport fishing island!

When you are coming in the Seychelles, you can discover the following fishing techniques: Jigging, slow jigging, casting, popping, trolling, live bait fishing and hand line fishing.

Should I visit the Seychelles Islands for Big Game Fishing?


Yes, you will enjoy every single bit of experience here. All our fishing guides are excellent English speakers, and you will have the most exceptional convenience as you go about your fishing activities. The Seychelles islands are simply the best place for everyone! It’s not only a place for sport fishers but also well fitted for the fun lovers and tourists! You will enjoy the company of the old poppers which you will share a boat with.

Remember all our fishing guides in the Seychelles Island are great instructors who will deliver fantastic sport fishing experience to all their clients. For the more challenging ventures such as the GT’s, Yellowfin Tunas, Marlins, Dogtooth Tunas and Sharks you may be required to be ready. You should not worry since you will be in a company of the best fishing guide around the world!

If you want to check all the tackles for fishing properly in the Seychelles, just check our article about « Which fishing tackles should I use in the Seychelles? »

You should think of being around these leading fishing destinations of the islands of Seychelles in seasons between October and May.

Fishing from Catamarans is it good for Popping?


This is our favorite fishing trip! Fishing from a catamaran allow you to join the best fishing spots in the Seychelles. If you are looking for proper adventure, this is what you should experimented. Our team propose a wild selection of fishing trips from catamarans.

During our fishing expeditions trips, we are able to go fishing where others cannot go. A great advantage for practicing popping and casting.

You can find all our packages on our website page « Seychelles Catamaran Fishing Expedition ». If you are not yet sure about choosing that option, please change your mind and just go for it!

Fishing Lodges or Hotels are suitable for Popping Trip?

The resorts for accommodations are sincerely the best. You will enjoy the comfort of the Seychelles islands resorts after a hard days sports fishing venture in the vibrant shores of the Seychelles islands. All varieties of the accommodation packages are available, and you will enjoy the freedom to choose! Of course, you will select the best service that will fit well to your budgets. The accommodate sites will accord you with the oceanic views, and therefore it will sincerely be fun at the peak! Remember it’s the world’s leading sport fishing sites!

If you want to discover our fishing packages using fishing lodges or hotels, just visit our webpage about « fishing lodge packages in the Seychelles »

Almost all hotels in the Seychelles islands are the beautiful places where we can organise a fishing trip for you.

The Inner Islands, the Amirantes, Coetivy, Platte Island, Praslin, Denis, Birds, Farqhuar, Albadra... We do have more than 1200 way points for practicing sport fishing in the Seychelles. According to what you are looking for, our team will propose you special itenerary! For YFS members, your satisfaction is our priority and this is why we will create a custom fishing service.

So what's next?

Visit this fantastic sport fishing islands of Seychelles and enjoy the extraordinary experience with the first-class fishing packages! Seychelles will expose you to over 60 species of fish that you will target as you do the popping fishing here in this fantastic breeze. The expanse of the salty water is the breeding zones for all the world records. Seychelles can provide only the best experience for the sport fishermen, and no one will wish to miss this opportunity in the vibrant islands of Seychelles.

For the number of fish that you will catch, it will depend on your expertise as a sportsman! Remember, everything is possible in the Seychelles Islands. Just let us know what you are looking to catch, and we will organise your fishing trip according to your request!


Conclusion about Popping in Seychelles

To conclude, popping fishing is the best sport fishing activity that has attracted thousands of sportsman! Poppers do vary in sizes and shapes, and the choice of the popper you choose will determine the kind of the fish you will catch. Your trip to this famous sport fishing islands of Seychelles should never be canceled! It’s the best place for you to be. Don’t hesitate, the Seychelles islands are the best for all of you, and you need to make a point of being there!

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