Jigging in the Seychelles... A Total Madness!

September 24th 2019 in Equipment

There are very many ways of popular fishing techniques. Some are commercial, and others target sporting activities! Jigging is also one of such surprising ways of fishing that has emerged to be among the world's most popular fishing techniques! The Indian Ocean, for instance, is now for us the best place in the world for jigging. Many famous people visit the Seychelles islands for jigging!

Let's get the real facts about what this jigging entails in Seychelles! As a sportsman, your trip to the famous islands of Seychelles will grant you a fantastic opportunity for the sporting activities, including jigging fishing!

In the Seychelles, the jigging fishing techniques will allow to target several species of fish such as dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna, giant trevally, amberjack, giant grouper, shark... Sometime you if you are lucky, you can also get marlins and sailfish stricking your jig!

But first, what is jigging?

Big game fishing is an activity that's much admired by many people around the globe! Seychelles islands will accord you with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the sport fishing! Jigging fishing technique is undoubtedly one of the best sporting activity that grants incredible moments for all the approved fishermen! Seychelles Islands are for us a unique destination when it comes to big game fishing.

Jigging is a fishing technique that has been in existence for entirely too long now. The procedure is a vertical technique. It utilizes the metal lures to attract and capture the fish! This jigging technique has been in existence for decades in most parts of the world, including Japan and New Zealand.

Japanese later re-invented the jigging fishing technique, and it has now emerged to be the world's fantastic sport fishing technique!

The popular jigging technique attributes to the work of Mr. Mogi. These amazing jigging skills traces its invention in the New Zealand areas such as three kings' places and also some parts of the Ranfurly banks! Jigging is the best fishing style that will need some necessary skills. Notably, it's an addictive experience that will make you sick about it!

Jigging fishing process will want you to consider the first steps before you decide to invest in the gear for use during the subsequent jigging procedures. The jigging procedure will need prior preparation! To be 100% ready for practicing vertical jigging in the Seychelles, you need to equip yourself with all the best fishing tackles available on the market.

You can find all our recommendations about the fishing tackles to une in the Seychelles if you check the following blog article: "Which Fishing Tackles should i bring to the Seychelles?"

Successful jigging action will need special gears for adequate performance. You may also require the heavy-duty stand up rods and even the full reels of big capacity.

Why should I do Jigging in Seychelles?

Let us have a brief view of the actual fishing in Seychelles and consider the jigging fishing activity in this famous location! Seychelles is a unique destination that really accords the sportsmen and also the fishermen with excellent fishing experience. Seychelles islands have a network of islands that has proven to be the vibrant places for fish varieties! It spreads out for about 400,000km square and therefore making it an outstanding jigging fishing ground. Seychelles is a paradise of fishing, and it's the reason why you should visit it. Jigging in the Seychelles will always be an excellent idea! The leading seasons that attracts major fishing activities are between Octobers to May! The dates are the famous seasons for incredible for fishing all around the Seychelles!

Why Jigging in the Seychelles is so exciting?

Seychelles is on record for the quality and massive types of fishes. It’s the reason why the islands of Seychelles are the destination areas for all the sports fishermen! It offers the best platform for sports fishing! Many reasons will make Seychelles the best place for practicing vertical jigging. Once you adopt the right technique, you will enjoy the convenience and start reaping impressive benefits from that fishing technique. Dogtooth tunas, giant trevallies, snappers, amberjacks, sharks, yellowfin tunas, groupers... Jigging is a practice that's so common to do on the drop off sites between 40 meters and 140 meters! This is our speciality!

Jigging in Seychelles is one of the best practices that you can ever find in the region! Seychelles drop-off contain wide varieties of big pelagic fish and the vertical speed jigging will merely the process of harvesting the pelagic fish.

In the Seychelles you can practice almost all types of jigging techniques:

Vertical Jigging


Here we are speaking about traditional jigging technique. According to the tide, the moon activity and weather conditions, our team will bring you to fish where it makes sense. In the Seychelles, almost of kinds of jigs are working well. We recommend you to fish with tackles you particularly enjoy. If you see your friends are catching and you are not... Then change jig or color! Jigging is a fishing process that will entail a heavy tackle! The kinds that you are dealing with here are the larger ones, and therefore fitness and strength are essential.

Seychelles is home of the famous sports fishermen who enjoy jigging fishing! It's at the shores of the parts of the Indian ocean of Seychelles that you get the best catch.

If we are speaking about the best way to organize your next jigging trip, we will recommend you to choose the « catamaran fishing option ». In fact, that option will allow you to go fishing really far where all the traditional sport fishing boats are not able to go!

We provide the best fishing services available on the market. If you choose to book with us. We gonna create a special itinerary according to your request. We are not one common agency, we are one fishing agency specialized in jigging, popping, casting, trolling and live bait fishing.

The best jigging experience is undoubtedly achievable if you choose a skipper with rich experience. For the best catch, you need to have prior knowledge of the best areas and hours that are the peak hours for a massive haul. You will also need to get high-quality echo sounders in the Seychelles!

Quality echo sounders are a milestone in ensuring that you differentiate between clouds of a bait fish and a more significant individual in any given depths.

For sure jigging experience at Seychelles should always be in your priorities! Sometimes you may have to be patient since a drop of a jig might fail to attract any catch. Occasionally big fish may be unwilling to fall in a trap! If that happen, do not worry, keep jigging and it gonna pay!

Conventional Style Deep Jigging Action


Jigging fishing entails dropping heavy jigs at the bottom of the deep sea. Previously, the old deep jigging reels and rods play a role in this process, but the latest invention has made the jigging fishing to be more productive! The most recent Japanese design has made the jigging process to be more fun and productive!

When using the conventional deep jigging action, the rod has a gimbal in the butt. Other specifications include a longish rear grip which will be useful for the jigging angle. For the reels, you may consider the old style of type 4/0 or even one of the new lighter and stronger geared reels.

This fantastic option has made jigging fishing to be great fun and incredible. The new lines are smaller in the diameter and therefore very useful! The advantage of the assist hooks will help ensure proper jigging! It enhances the ability of the jig to properly swim with minimal pressure and therefore making the sport fishing to be more appealing.

The Jigging Rod:

Jigging rods are designed for conventional and spinning reels. The choice of the rod is based on the following criteria: rod weight, max load, lures weight and rod's action. It's important to get one harmony between the rod and the reel weight. We recommend to bring with you two jigging combos when you are coming to fish in the Seychelles. One jigging rod for playing with jigs between 250 grammes and 350 grammes and one extra fishing combo for playing with jigs between 150 and 250 grammes.

Be careful, for fishing in the Seychelles, we recommend you to bring tackles that are designed to handle 10 – 12kg drag pressure... Monsters are swimming around, so why should you lose your biggest fish?

If you are a fan of slow jigging, you can also bring that kind of set!

The Jigging Reels:

The reel should be strong with a good drag, otherwise you'll only fish once. We encourage you to equip yourself with proper brands such as Shimano or Daiwa. The Shimano Stella or the Daiwa Saltiga fishing reel are a must have for jigging in the Seychelles. Also, when you spool a reel with braided line, be sure to put some pressure (5 lbs) during spooling process. Otherwise, line will dig inside the spool and once you will get a serious fish, you will break your line...

The Jigging Lures:

Jigs are usually made with metal, weight between 100 to 300 grams. Mainly, there's two types of JIG on the market, "Center weight" or "Tail weight". On "center weight", the weight is balance around the center of the jig, on the "tail weight" they are placed towards the tail.

Center weight jig is mainly used for jigging around 30m to 70m depth.

The « Tail weight jigs » are designed to reach bottom quickly and lift with a less action. These jigs are used for deeper fishes. We recommend to use them if the weather is windy or if we are going depth.

Should I Use a Long or a Short Jig?

Your choice will depend on current's strength and the depth of your fishing area.

Heavy lure will drop faster and will stay more vertical. If you fish between 30 to 70 meters a short or medium 150 to 250 grams jigs will be perfect. Our favorite colors are pink / orange / blue / silver. If you jig more than 70 meters you can choose to use a longer jig. Long jigs are working well on big amberjacks and big dogtooth tunas.

Jigging Hooks for Fishing in the Seychelles

Please, use only the best hooks available on the market! As, we only target big fish, we cannot admit loosing a fish because the hook was not appropriated... We recommend jigging hooks with a size between 7/0 and 13/0 f.

Usually, you can adapt the size of the hook according to the weight of your jig.

Jig of 150 grams - Hook 7/0 to 8/0 - Jig of 200 grams - Hook 8/0 to 9/0 - Jig of 230 grams - Hook 8/0 to 10/0 - Jig of 250 grams - Hook 9/0 to 11/0 - Jig of 300+ grams - Hook 10/0 to 13/0.

We personally recommend BKK hooks, Shout Kudako hooks, Owner SJ 41 .. All those models are solid, nice finish and saltwater resistant. Specially design for jigging.

Line & Leader for Jigging in the Seychelles

That is one of the most important point. You need to equip yourself only with quality tackles. What is the point to get a big fish, if your line gonna not handle it? For jigging we recommend a minimum of 70LB up to 90LB. About the leader, please use at a least a Varivas fluorocarbon 100LB . If you are looking to target only monsters, you can go up until 130LB – 150LB.

For slow jigging, you can play softer with a Varivas fluorocarbon around 60 LB.

Depth Jigging

One of our favorite jigging technique! No pain, no gain! Don't be scared about going to jig depth. When we say depth, we are speaking about +100m / +150. Big fish are all around in the Seychelles, and jigging that depth can ensure incredible results. When you are testing, depth jigging in the Seychelles, we strongly recommend you to use appropriate fishing tackles. PE8 class line is the minimum you will need to use. A jig between 300g and 400g if the best option. Try to think about using glow colors, they can make the difference in the darkness of the Indian Ocean!


Speed Jigging

Speed jigging involve to go fast, really fast! The vertical speed jigging involves a long and thin jig that is dropped and easily retrieved to the surface. This jigging technique can be really efficient when you see the fish on the « fish-finder », but they are not eating. This fishing technique is a highly-effective way of triggering strikes when predators are suspending at mid-depth. Speed jigging is recommended on shallow water. We recommend trying speed jigging on 30 meters up to 60 meters. Speed jigging is effective when the fishing activity is strong. It can make the difference by eliminating the small and medium predator that won't be able to catch your lure. When you are doing speed jigging, it's really important being able to stop your jig for 3-4 seconds. It makes all the difference!

Slow Pitch Jigging


This fishing technique is a must try! It provides incredible fishing results without killing yourself. We recommend using that fishing technique between 30m and 60m depth. SLOW jigs are usually made with one heavier side and one flat side, creating a jig with flat fall erratic sliding and wobbling motions.

The origin of Slow Jigging

Slow jigging attract all kind of fish. Seychelles islands is also an excellent place for practicing slow jigging.

While Nirohiro SATO was landing his college fish, he had left his jigging rod in the rod holder with the jig close to the bottom. Returning to his position, he pulled his rod and saw that a fish was at the end of the line. The idea was now born. Keep your lure close to the bottom and animate it with small jerk.

The best two words that can define SLOW jigging are the following: "LIGTH & SLOW". Slow jgging is the perfect solution for all the anglers that do not want to get tired with the traditional jigging process.

Slow jigging involve fishing with light equipment, requiring less physical effort. The jigs are usually rigged with two sets of hooks, one set at the head and another one on the tail. Generally, the weight of those jigs is going from 60 grammes up to 250 grammes. Unlike "Speed jigging" where jig falls in a straight line, slow jig will fluttering all way down, increasing your chances of catch fish.

The slow jigging hooks are sharp and elegant. It's the reason why it can quickly get stuck to the fish even with a small touch. While jigging fishing, ensure that the hooks do not get tangled to each other. The size of a slow jigging hooks ranges between 1/0 to 6/0.

Slow jigging hooks are always very sharp, and they are effective in ensuring proper penetration into the jaws of the fish! Remember the dull jigging hooks has no specifications on the sizes. You need to design it properly so that the hooks do not tangle to each other. It's also important to get hooks larger than your jig. If your hooks are too small, they might not catch the fish!

Is there any advantage of Slow Jigging in the Seychelles?

As we said, slow jigging require less physical condition than conventional jigging, speed jigging or depth jigging. You will like the fact that it targets large species of fish from the bottom to the top of the water without doing much efforts!

The process is also effective regardless of the activity of the fish. One conventional jigging i not working, slow jigging can make all the difference!

Either if we are in the Seychelles, it can happen that the fish do not want to attack. Slow jigging will force them to do! The slow jig imitates the hurt and small fish. They afloat in the water hence making them look likes the wounded fish. Notably, the deliberate jigging fishing action entails a pause process of the reel but with a continuous rhythm.

The process of Slow Jigging in the islands of Seychelles

As conventional jigging, slow jigging is all a matter of techniques and tricks!

Here are the key point! Long jerk action for optimizing your results! Long jerk fishing action will allow your jig to fly from the bottom to the top of the water. The gravity will then let it fall to the side. The change from left to right due to gravity will make it fly like a butterfly! Lifting the rod, your jig will appear like its dancing hence creating an interest for the larger fish.

In the Seychelles, slow jigging is working good on all kind of fish! Grouper, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tunas, giant trevally... All the species from the Indian Ocean will get crazy about this fishing technique!

So what is the best way to get started with the Jigging fishing technique?

Don't you wish to enjoy this rare sport fishing in Seychelles islands? Of course, you do! It's the reason you should plan a trip to this famous sport fishing islands!

Jigging fishing is a process that will require a bit of technique. But once you get it, it is a really simple process that can done by almost every one. We have a lot of clients that are coming to the Seychelles with a bad point of view regarding jigging. But once they test it, they approve it

One of the most important point is the following: Be sure to get the jigging combo that is corresponding to yourself!

The fishing rod, the fishing reel will need to match with your strength! Don't try to fish too heavy if you are not feeling it. With all the brands present on the market, it is easy to find the fishing combo that will allow you to jig for many hours without being tired!

Experimented fishermen are able to fish monsters with a PE3 class line...

When you are planning a fishing trip with our team, we will show you all the tricks for practicing vertical jigging efficiently. During our catamaran fishing expeditions, you will enjoy a company of 4 up o 6 people who are all experiencing the best that sports fishing will offer!

You will learn everything about jigging fishing techniques. We will tech you the different kind of knots, which jigs should you use according to the depth and the drifts and even the weights you should use to match the different situations.

If you don't have any tackles, our team is renting jigging combos that will allow you to fish all the monsters from the Indian Ocean!

Jigging for Dogtooth Tuna


If you are coming to the Seychelles for targeting big dogtooth tuna, you must target them using jigging or live bait fishing. About jigging, they are not such a rule to target those monsters! Sometime they are depth sometime they are not. According to the tide, the moon, the water temperature and the fishing activity, dogtooth tunas will be playing all around the islands. Long jigs, short jigs are both effective with that fish. How either, we will recommend the following. If you jig less than 50 meters use shorter jig. If you jig between 50 meters and 80 meters use medium jig. IF you jig more than 80 meters you can use long jig as well. If you see the fish are present on the fish finder but not ready to attack, just try all what you can! After a while, it gonna pay!

Jigging for Giant Trevally


Here is one interesting point we noticed with our experience! Giant Trevally like slow jigs! We cannot tell you why, but slow jigging is working better on Giant Trevally than conventional jigging. Vertical jigging is also working well on GT's here in the Seychelles, but slow jigs, can make the difference!

Jigging for Amberjacks


Amberjacks are present all the year in the Seychelles. Targeting them with jigging technique is a total madness! Find them and it will be jackpot! We personally appreciate long jigs for targeting those monsters!

Jigging for Yellowfin Tunas


No rules for that fish. Yellowfin tunas are present all the year in the Seychelles. Those fish are swimming all around and ready for big fights! Sometimes, out of the blue, if you see birds flying, you can try to jig in the middle of nowhere!

Jigging for big Groupers


One rule for that fish! Go slow and repeat the process! Huge groupers are present in the Seychelles, if you want to target them, just stay close to the bottom. Long jigs can make all the difference. Be patient and go for it!

Jigging for Sharks


Be ready for it! There is no one single time, where sharks won't be ready for you! Vertical jigging makes vibrations that gonna make sharks crazy. As a matter of fact, they will attack not because they are hungry but because they are angry! If you are lucky, you might hookup one of the monsters. Crazy fight guarantee!

Conclusion about Jigging in the Seychelles Islands

To conclude, jigging is always fun! Seychelles is the best place for this fantastic fishing technique! When you will have the chance to come fishing with us, you will leave one extraordinary experience. You will get full benefits as a sportsman and also a fisherman.It's the reason why Seychelles is now on the record for the fantastic jigging activities! So, don't cancel your trip! Your journey to Seychelles will accord you these memorable moments that you will never encounter in any other place in the world! Hurry up now and enjoy the best from the Seychelles islands.

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