Which Fishing Tackles Should I Use for Fishing in the Seychelles?

November 22nd 2018 in Equipment

Welcome to the Seychelles and welcome to big game fishing!

Seychelles is for us one of the best place around the world for practicing jigging, casting, trolling and live bait fishing . All the species from the Indian Ocean are present in the Seychelles and you will target almost all world records that are here around. With more than 1200 way points, our team will be able to make your dream becoming a reality. No matter if you are here for a five fishing day trip or for a ten day fishing trip. Our team will do its best to achieve your requirements.

Please, just think about something: « Why should I lose the fish of my life because i was not ready? »

When you are coming to fish in the Seychelles, you have to understand that you can hookup the fish of your life on the first drop!

Your satisfaction is our priority and It is important to be well equipped in order to not miss your next fishing trip.

Fishing Tackles for Jigging in the Seychelles

To ensure the smooth running of your stay we recommend fishing with a set 80LB minimum equipped with a braid of quality. For the guys who are ready to fish heavier, you can go up until 100LB class line.

A second set allows you to continue fishing in key moments. We strongly recommend that you come equipped with two sets. It always a good option.

For fans of slow jigging. It also works very well. So think about getting one extra combo if you have extra space!

Jigging Rod for Fishing in the Seychelles

A Smith AMJ-S54 EX jigging rod combined with a Shimano Stella 20,000 SW fishing reel or a Daiwa Saltiga 6500 is a must have if you want to target big fish.

A Smith AMJ-S54 EX jigging rod combined with a with Shimano Stella 10 00 SW fishing reel or Daiwa Saltiga 4500 reel is one other alternative for fishing a bit lighter.

If you have one affordable budget you can also plan to invest on some bigger brands such as Zenaq, Jigging Master, Fisherman...


How Many Jigs Should I Bring With Me?

On average, we recommend for a trip of 7 fishing days about thirty jigs. It can even go up to 35 or 40 jigs.

The colors blue, pink, orange and silver are for us the most effective. We also recommend all the rainbow colors. The "glow" shade is also essential for deep fishing sessions (+ 100m depth).

As a typical example of what you should bring with you, we recommend the following:

  • 12 jigs of 200g
  • 10 jigs of 250g
  • 8 jigs of 300g

Jig Models: We did not notice any difference between long and short jigs. We recommend you simply using the jigs that suit you. Short jigs are most effective for fishing between 40m and 70m depth, long jigs are a great choice for fishing between 70m and 140m.

Some models are unavoidable: Searock Jig, Andaman Fisherman Jig, Sea Rock Jig, Williamson's Vortex Jig, Orion Jig, Smith Mejiyume Jig...

Jigging Hooks:

Choosing strong hooks is also really important. We can recommend: Shout Kudako N°7 / N°8 / N°9 - VMC 7264 – N°11 – Onwer SJ41 9/0 / 11/0

Other fishing tackles you should bring in Seychelles

In order to complete your equipment, you must equip yourself with some assist line. The « Varivas SS Assiste Line #80 » is definitely one of the better option.

The shock leader is also really important. For jigging, we recommend you to use a shock leader between 100LB and 150LB. You can use Varivas Fluorocarbon, Fisherman Shock Leader, YGK shock leader...

Advices for your assist hooks:

For your hooks, it's important having hooks presenting an opening wider than your jig. Please, do not come with small hooks! We recommend extremely reinforced models...

Important point to notice:

The assist equipped with octopus make the difference. We therefore recommend that you equip yourself with octopus.


Fishing tackles for Popping in the Seychelles

For casting and popping, we recommend fishing with a set of 100LB - 130LB minimum equipped with a braid quality.

For popping in the Seychelles, you can use the following:

  • A Tenryu Furrary Popping Xtrem rod combined with a Shimano Stella 18,000 SW reel or a Daiwa Saltiga 8000H reel is a perfect example of what you should use in the Seychelles.
  • A Tenryu Furrary Racing 80LB rod combined with a 14000 SW Shimano Stella reel or a Daiwa Saltiga 5500H fishing reel is a good idea for equipping yourself with a second fishing combo.

Which poppers and stickbaits should i use for fishing in the Seychelles?

For a 7 days fishing session, we recommend a dozen lures.

The poppers: For poppers, do not hesitate to use heavy lures. We like big lures starting around 150 grammes and going up to 280 grammes. We know that is not easy to use, but it makes the difference! Especially on the big pelagic fishes!

Poppers that you must have for fishing in the Seychelles

Amegari Dzanga / Popper Rapala X Rap / Popper Navigator Xlures Squid / Heru Cubera 180-150 / Hammer Head A Cup / ASWB Reef Edges 130g & 160g / Orion Poppers popper / Jackfin Kronos 220 / Navigator Poppers...

Colors you must have: For poppers, favor the "flashy" type "candy" "pink fluo"...

The treble Hooks for fishing efficiently in the Seychelles

We are talking here about reinforced hooks - Owner ST66 - Owner ST76TN - Shout Treble Curve – BKK treble hooks...


Security is a priority during our fishing trips. This is why it's mandatory to equip your lures according to our rules. One single triple hook by lures and if possible without barbs... We fish at least more than 120km from the capital. Our team do not take responsibility for handling lures equipped with the two triple hooks!

In order to be sure you will note face any issue during your next fishing trip, we recommend the following: Bring with you 1 extra spare braid for the jig and one for casting... During our fishing trips in the Seychelles, we often get « spool out » with big Yellowfin Tunas, Dogtooth Tunas, Sharks or Marlins...

Don't skip a quality wax for rain is a must have that we strongly recommend.

Fishing Tackles for targeting Dogtooth Tunas in the Seychelles


This is our favorite fish! For targeting big dogtooth tunas, we recommend heavy tackles with a PE8 / PE10 class line. 80% of the big dogtooth tunas are catch on jigging and live bait fishing. When we go popping for big GT'S, we can also get crazy dogtooth smashing our poppers or stickbaits!

Fishing Tackles for targeting Amberjacks in the Seychelles


Same as for dogtooth tunas, amberjacks fishing is just a madness . Let us bring you to our fishing spots to show you how powerful those fish are! For targeting amberjacks we are going depth. So please be sure to be well equipped with jigs going from 250 up to 400 grammes!

Fishing Tackles for targeting Giant Trevally in the Seychelles


Here we are speaking about PE10 / PE12 class line! In the Seychelles it's easy to get a 40kg + Giant Trevally, but it does not mean you will get it out of the water. In order to maximize your chances, we strongly recommend you to use heavy tackles with a 12kg drag! This is the only way to get one of those monsters out of the water!

Fishing Tackles for targeting Yellowfin Tunas in the Seychelles


Here we are speaking about fish between 20kg and 120kg. Seychelles Islands are a paradise for all anglers looking to catch yellowfin tunas. Our favorite way to target them is casting and popping. What we recommend is to use XXL poppers! We noticed that big lures make the difference on big fish. Yellowfin tunas can also be catch using trolling, jigging and live bait fishing!

Fishing Tackles for targeting Groupers in the Seychelles


If you are looking for targeting a big grouper, you will have to be patient, but you will get it!Jigging and live bait fishing are the most effective fishing techniques. If you want to target a big grouper using the jigging fishing technique, just go slow! Animate your jig with long jerk on the first ten meters and repeat the operation. With live bait or can also target them down on the bottom. Please be careful, groupers can reach other 200kg here in the Seychelles, so if you want to target big, be sure to be well equipped. A Jigging in PE10 is mandatory!

Fishing Tackles for targeting Marlins in the Seychelles


About that point, you don't have to worry about. Our team is providing all the tackles for trying to get one or additional marlins during your trip. In the Seychelles, we can target black or blue marlins trolling out on the blue. We can also target them using live bait fishing. When we are jigging, we always take care to manage a live bait with a 400LB terminal and a circle hook 14/0. If the all team agree about targeting only marlin, we can also troll 3 or 4 live baits at the same time. Get ready for serious fight!


Also, do not forget to think about the following:

The harness is mandatory if you are looking for serious big game fishing. For jigging, casting or popping, you must use that accessory! The best reference on the market is definitely the Black Magic fishing harness. You can also try the « Cush It »  that is a great reference for all anglers!

The fishing gloves are mandatory for casting and jigging. Without that accessory serious injuries can happen and you can be out of the trip.

We recommend: HPA fishing gloves, Daiwa fishing gloves and Zenaq Fishing gloves for casting. For jigging, the pelagic gloves are very efficient! Think about choosing a good size when you gonna buy your fishing gloves.

The fishing pliers is mandatory for changing lures or hooks. The brand HPA is offering what is for us the most effective plier available on the market.

The split ring is one fondamental tackle for practicing both jigging and casting. Without that accessory you cannot connect your hooks, swivel or your solid ring to your fishing lure .
We recommend about 40 split rings for your jigs and 15 split rings for your casting lures. The split rings for the jig will need to be between 100LB and 150LB resistant. For casting you will need to use 150LB up to 300LB for the big lures.

We recommend about 40 solid rings for your jigs to combine with your split rings. The solid rings are mostly used to create your assist hooks. They must be adapted at the size of your assist fishing line!

The swivels are also indispensable. Without the swivel you cannot be well equipped for jigging, popping or casting. Swivels are also almost mandatory for live bait fishing.
We recommend about 40 swivels for your jigs and 15 swivels for your casting lures. For jigging you can use swivel around 150LB – 200LB. For casting you can up up to 400LB.

Don't forget to bring with you two pairs of sun glasses for protecting your eyes from the sun. Also mandatory, suncream 50+ for enjoying your fishing trip without burning yourself. We strongly recommend appropriate clothing for enjoying your day. Hats or caps are a must have that you cannot forget!

If you want to discover more articles about jigging & popping in the Seychelles, we would like to recommend you reading both our articles: Fishing Partners for buy your fishing tackles:

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