Big Game Fishing
in Monaco

March 9th 2021

Big Game fishing in Monaco is one the most amazing way to enjoy a new experience in the sparkling jewel of the French Riviera. If you are looking to join the adventure, Yachting Fishing Specialist will answer to your expectations. We are always at your disposal, regardless of your fishing needs.

When it comes to fishing, Monaco is one such incredible destination where you can charter the best fishing boats. As a top provider of the finest fishing charter in Monaco, we understand what it’s like feeling a thrill or tackling that challenge involved in fishing. That’s where our role comes in.

You can check our different fishing options directly on our webpage -> Image

For fishing from Monaco, we do provide a Riviera 63 and Rodman 41.

Our Riviera 63 combines comfort, sportiness and pure efficiency. This fishing yacht charter is one of most luxury offer available on the market. An offer to meet the demands of the most demanding customers.

Image Discover videos regarding our M/Y Riviera 63 clicking on the video below:
Credit: Guillaume BENOIT (YFS Team)

Our Riviera 63 is the ultimate option if you are luxury for a VIP fishing trip experience!

Discover videos regarding our M/Y Rodman 41 clicking on the video below: Image

Our Rodman 41 is one of our best sellers when it comes to big game fishing! The best value for money if you are a group of friends or a family looking for some fun!


We are your only partner when it comes to fishing in Monaco. People with a great passion for fishing are always looking for the best fishing charter that comes equipped with :

  • a professional captain
  • a professional fishing guide
  • top-quality fishing equipment

We do propose several fishing option. It’s entirely at your discretion whether you want to charter our boat for a half or full day. The fishing experience until sunset is truly one of a kind.

Deep Sea Fishing in Monaco


Here comes our specialty! At YFS, we take immense pride in organizing offshore fishing trips in Monaco. Deep-sea fishing has always been a fun activity. Many families take sheer pleasure in.

When embarking on your fishing journey, our primary goal is to offer you an experience that lasts for a lifetime. When fishing offshore, there are some fishing techniques you need to get hands-on experience on. These include trolling, casting, and jigging.

When out at sea, your focus should only be on targeting the fish. But we make sure you have a close encounter with species, such as mahi-mahi, spearfish, swordfish, albacore tuna, and bluefin tuna.

Does marine life excite you deep inside? If so, we have you covered. At the Pelagos sanctuary, you can get up close and personal with exotic marine mammals, moonfish, and much more other amazing creatures of the Mediterranean fauna.

Inshore Fishing from Monaco


Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Heading out at sea is an ideal way to make your fishing dream come true. Our expert team offers an experience of a lifetime.

The in-shore fishery is categorized into various sections, including live bait fishing, bottom fishing, trolling, jigging and casting.

We offer 3 boats to make your inshore fishing experience worthy of your memories.

At YFS, we understand the sight of the mesmerizing sea that rouses the souls of anglers. Inshore fishing has that everlasting appeal that entices people like you to immerse into memorable sport fishing off the coast of Monaco.

Regardless of species of fish you can catch, you will have the opportunity to target tunas, swordfish, bonitos, snappers, barracudas, spearfish and much more. According to the season, it’s important to adapt the fishing strategy.

Whether you pursue deep sea fishing as a hobby or are a seasoned fisherman, we will spoil you for choice with the most exclusive selection of fishing gear available on the market.

We offer every customer a bespoke solution and turnkey service catering to their specific fishing needs. Discover our fishing boats for the best inshore fishing experience in Monaco.

Fishing Season in Monaco

You can check the species season directly on our web line -> Image

Is sport fishing what you are after? If so, then the exception season will be from March to June. Not only will you get to practice sport fishing, but you can also take delight in trolling, casting, deep-sea fishing, live bait fishing, vertical fishing, or drifting.

Also, we can make necessary amendments to our fishing packages, so we can offer you a tailored solution that helps you meet your needs. However, the package we offer depends on the off-shore activity.

Fishing in Summer in Monaco

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, we can assure you of sensations guaranteed to blow your mind. The period from June to September is the one you cannot overlook, if you are looking for some spectacular deep-sea fishing and trolling. When off-shore, the migration of the large pelagic fish allows for some astonishing moments. On land, you can consider the probability of targeting diverse species of fish, but again it depends on the activity.

Fishing in Autumn in Monaco

Here comes one of our most admired seasons – autumn! Right from September to November, being in the waters of the French Riviera to target almost all of the species of fish in the Mediterranean Sea is a great prospect. Regardless of inshore or offshore fishing, our team highly regards this time of the year when fishing aficionados are compelled to grab their fishing rods for a captivating experience at sea.

Fishing in Winter in Monaco

The coldest season of the year is from December to March – a perfect season to target benthic species in coastal fishing. Depending the current and the fishing activity, you might also be able to go for big game fishing.

Yachting Industry in Monaco

Every year since 1991, the yachting industry in Monaco has congregated in the exemplary Port Hercules. MYS (short for Monaco Yacht Show) prides itself as the pioneer of the field. It offers one a great insight into the most modern trends in yachting, right from the most sophisticated, classy luxury to feasible development.

If you are really focus about the yachting industry, you can check the official website of the Yacht Club of Monaco ->

You can also check the official website of the Monaco Yacht Show ->

Fishing and Yachting in Monaco

At Yachting Fishing Specialist (YFS), we go to great lengths to make sure you reap every possible benefit from fishing (inshore or offshore). When you are out on the water with a fishing rod in your hands, it will be a great way to spend those magical moments leaving your work stress far behind. We ensure that you will have the time of your life.

Listed below are some of the most significant benefits of using our services.

  1. Guidance Out On the Water:
  2. Although you may be exceptionally skilled at steering the boat in the waters off the coast, it pays to have a whole crew there to support you along the way. A reliable fishing charter lets you have a guided fishing trip where you can just relax and focus all your attention on that big catch.

  3. Avoid Bringing Your Own Equipment:
  4. A professional fishing charter in Monaco comes fully loaded with the necessary equipment you need to grab that spearfish or barracuda. No need to get your own fishing gear. All you have to worry about is having a great time and some fishing (of course!).

  5. Experience Something New:
  6. There’s no doubt that fishing is all about the experience you will take back home to engrave in your memories. You will be excited to catch that big fish you may have never heard of or seen in reality. Fishing in Monaco is like a dream come true. So, make sure you opt for the best fishing charter in this enchanting city-state wrapped with loads of fun and entertainment in every corner.

  7. Learn Tricks of the Trade:
  8. The crew is adept at teaching you everything and anything you are eager to learn about fishing. Whether you want to try your hands on something you’ve learned lately or work out a new technique for tossing the line, the competent and trained professionals aboard the boat will help you.

The experienced crew of Yachting Fishing Specialist is all set to sail you and your loved ones for a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Yacht Charter Section

Had an unforgettable fishing experience off the coast of Monaco? How about visiting the coastline on a fabulous yacht?

If you are looking for the most opulent experience, our company will be able to propose you a fleet of yachts that will leave you awestruck. There is no other way that’s practical than sailing on one of our incredibly stunning yachts available for pleasure seekers like you. We have an unsurpassed selection of vessels that won’t make you think twice about taking them on lease.

Every yacht is designed specifically to help our esteemed customers meet their needs, which is why it’s crucial for you to partner with the most reliable yacht charter service provider. No longer will you have to stay on board either, as we will serve you with a wide range of equipment, such as waterskis, scuba diving gear, jet skis, and wake-boards.

Are you ready for that spine-tingling experience on the water? So are we! We are here to help you and make your fishing experience a treasured one.

If you are looking for something new, you can also think about joining our fishing trip in Corsica. You can check our website regarding those trips under the following page ->

Things you should not miss in Monaco after Fishing

Known for being a small territory ruled by the Prince of Monaco, Monaco sits with pride on the glitzy French Riviera. It is one of the world’s most prosperous spots and it is blessed with a plethora of nature.

The Rock or ‘Le Rocher’ is one of the finest areas in Monaco, which can easily be accessed from neighbouring Nice in France. A place where you will find glamour galore, you can go ahead and try your luck spending time in some of the most prominent casinos. What a great way to awaken your inner James Bond?

Here are some of the best things you cannot afford to miss while touring around in Monaco:

  • Tour the Palais du Prince
  • Visit the Musée Oceanographique
  • Take a Walk Around Jardin Exotique
  • Enjoy Sunbathing at Larvotto Beach
  • Enjoy Watching a Race at the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix
  • Pay a Quick Visit to the Monaco Cathedral
  • Watch an Extravagant Show at the Opera de Monte Carlo
  • Take a Tour of the Monaco Harbour
  • Go on a Shopping Spree
  • Visit Casino Square
  • Enjoy a Chic Dining Experience
  • Watch an Amazing Performance at Fort Antoine
  • Take a Stroll Around the Old Town

The beaches in Monaco certainly do not want to be missed, especially when beach lovers flock to such a stunning place. With a myriad of dazzling beaches, beach clubs, and the water sport activities will keep you glued throughout. If you are looking to tan or have a great time by the sea with your loved ones sipping a tantalizing cocktail, settle for no less than Monaco. When you choose us, you are destined to have the best time of your life.

If you want more information about what to do in the city, you can check the official website ->

Night Fishing in Monaco

During the hours of darkness, deep-sea fishing takes a different turn altogether. If you are willing to go fishing inshore, you can look forward to targeting species like squids, mackerels, and barracudas.

Any fisherman, who’s looking for something exotic offshore, with years of experience under their belt can try their hands on the Xiphias swordfish.

If you have never tried night fishing, Monaco is the place to be. It bestows fishing enthusiasts like you with a great opportunity to unleash their creativity when fishing at the night time.

Give a touch of discovery to the shore by night from April to September. You will be more than glad to enjoy sport fishing with your kith and kin.

We have a large fleet of boats exclusively for night fishing in Monaco.


Discover our fishing options about night fishing in Monaco ->

Fishing Video in Monaco

If you want to check videos about our fishing charters in Monaco you can check our YouTube page by clicking on the image below: Image

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If you want to discover more articles about French Riviera areas for fishing, we would like to recommend you reading both our articles: Fishing Partners for buy your fishing tackles:

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